Equity: A Political Nutrient That Grows The Crops Of Peace, Unity In Abia State

In a drive seeking common unity and development in every human society, justice and equity play a vital role; in the domestic and marital background where husband, wives, children and other family relations co-exist, equity must be treated prominently to enable love to reign in their midst.

In the judiciary, equity is the mainstream of law where parties are treated and handled accordingly and in line with what is right in the sight of God and humanity.

Politically, equity when given a chance goes a long way in promoting democracy, sustaining development and eschewing unnecessary inter-zonal conflicts. Equity means equality in sharing without cheating or preferential treatment (Okezuo ABIA)

It is under this window for equity that PDP Coalition is banking her support for all good citizens of ABIA, political stakeholders, youths, traders and interest groups to stand on the platform of equity In the distributions of political offices in the State.

This stands to reason that since the return to civil rule in 1999, Abia North had taken her eight years slot that produced Governor Orji Uzo Kalu and peacefully the slot went to Umuahia Zone which produced Chief Theodore Orji as Governor for eight years. Currently and marking the final rotation, the governorship of Abia State is in the hands of Abia south which His Excellency Dr Okezie Ikpeazu is serving out his zone’s turn in 2023 so that it will start all over from Abia North again. A reasonable man with a conscience is expected to cheer up seeing things moving this way.

In this regard, this is what equity elementarily means and all hands must be on deck to ensure this equity as a course of action and the common understanding is sustained in Abia State. So, we strongly advocate that PDP, APC and other political parties fielding candidates for governorship election should unanimously zone their tickets to Abia North Senatorial Zone to enable her to produce the next governor of Abia State to balance the ledger book of equity as originally obtainable.
Anything short of this is stoking crisis in the God’s Own State which will be strongly resisted by the lovers of justice in Abia State.

Not only the governorship seat that requires equity but also included are in choosing of Deputy governor, zoning of elective legislative offices ranging from House of Assembly, House of Representatives and Senate. We voice that the good people of Abia State know their political socialization background and it will be a credit to our unity as considerations are given to those local governments who had not produced legislators to represent their people either in the State Assembly or in the two Federal law making chambers based on constituency delimitation. With this system, peace and harmony will reign in Abia State as Gods State based on her National slogan.

PDP Coalition as a socio-political advocacy group working assiduously for the promotion of alliances and fairness in the body politics of this nation is standing on justice and strongly voicing that rotational governorship must not be scuttled in Abia State. A platform made to sustain justice in National politics, free from undue attachment and vehemently speaks out against injustice.

“Okezuo Abia” which means equity must be given a first-hand priority in Abia State politics so that the fire of crisis will not be unnecessarily stoked in the land. Even the gods of the land are sustainers of equity and where fairness is lacking, the Spirit of God is not there and where God s presence is denied, rancour, strife and dangers pollute the land. This advocacy is brought home to all Abians In the diaspora using the name of God who gives mankind equity to practise and live by.

In conclusion, we therefore unequivocally reiterate that it is the turn of Abia North Senatorial district to produce the next governor of Abia State following the 2023 general election that will terminate the tenure of Dr Ikpeazu and usher in another newly elected governor of Abia North extraction. once again,” On Okezuo Abia” we stand!

Chief Dr . Emeka Kalu
National Coordinator
PDP Coalition

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