Unico to Ukpai Ukairo: You’re inglorious Ohafia man, bury your head in Shame

Yes, Chief Ukpai Ukairo, just as you correctly stated, owu ozu fu uka oye ya onu, I will respond to your screed on Chief Umeh’s letter and demonstrate to you that you are not only the “Opportunistic politician and commander is Chief of Sycophancy,” but you also fit perfectly into Albert Einstein’s characterization of those who will destroy the world by watching evil doers and doing nothing.

I read Chief Umeh’s letter to the Governor several times and never saw him mention the People Democratic Party, of which you are the South East Legal Adviser. The Governor is, without a doubt, a member of the PDP, but he is a governor for all Abians, regardless of party affiliation. You are not the Abia State Commissioner for Information, you are not the Governor’s spokesperson, and you are not even a member of his media team. So, why are you responding to someone’s letter to his Governor if it isn’t to curry favor with the Governor? So, have you noticed that you are the Chief Sycophant?

You claim that you will interrogate the letter because you live in Abia State and are aware and enthusiastic about developments there, but you ended up prevaricating and dissembling.

But let us get to the point of your prevarications. You stated in your rant that Chief Ume’s letter is a concoction of the former Governor’s lies. But, aside from mentioning the Nkporo road, your virulent treatise did not reveal any of the lies contained in the letter. Chief Ukpai, when was the last time you traveled from Nguzu Junction to Nkporo? Is that road passable by car? In case you were a little tipsy while reading the letter, let me summarize the main point:

When the Governor took office, Chief Ume praised his strides. He said the Governor rejected and frowned at being addressed as “His Excellency”; directed that his wife, Nkechi, be addressed as “Wife of the Governor” rather than “Her Excellency”; and reduced the retinue of protocol staff accompanying the Governor on trips outside the state to the barest minimum in order to save money;  rejected the use of private jets, as was previously done, and instead flew Business Class on commercial airlines; began reconstruction and refurbishment of the Governor’s official residences in Umuahia, G.R.A Aba, and Aminu Kano Crescent, Abuja, as well as the old Presidential Lodge in Umuahia and the Executive Council Chambers, among other things..

Now, Chief Ukairo, are you satisfied with the state of the state capital? Isn’t Umauhia deserving of a better deal? Are you satisfied with the condition of the roads leading to Umuahia, particularly the dualization and lighting of the FMC to Ubakala/Enugu – Aba Expressway junction, as well as the humiliating Mission Hill access road into Umuahia from the Enugu – Aba Expressway?

You live in Aba; would you honestly say that Aba is getting the attention it deserves? Is the Aba-Owerri road, the Aba-Port-Harcourt road, and the Ogbor Hill-Ehere-Ukpakri roads in good condition? Isn’t the infamous Osisioma flyover project overdue for completion after spending over 4 billion Naira in comparison to the 1.2 billion Ebonyi state is spending on a better job?

Isn’t it a misplaced priority, misjudgment, and deception, Chief Ukpai, to be championing the idea of a golf course in Ohafia when the roads leading to your community Ohafia are in disrepair? When was the last time you visited Oboro, Nkwebi, Ndiaku, Ndi Uduma Ukwu, and so many other Ohafia communities? Isn’t it prudent for the Governor to appraise and audit the legacy projects, including the New Abia Government House, the New Abia Governors Lodge, the New Abia Governors administrative offices, and the JAAC Building, in relation to the amount of work done? Have you seen how you are giving out yourself as an opportunistic politician and chief of sycophancy?

Chief Ukairo, is the Abia government not using ‘consultants’ who are paid between 25% and 30% commission on the Paris Club debt refund? Isn’t it sheer wickedness and inhumane that a handful of individuals fleece the state’s treasury just because they are connected to the government at the detriment of developmental projects, salaries and pensions?

Chef Ukairo, Chief Ume, expressed grave concern about the conduct of governance in Abia State, stating that the average monthly inflow to the government of Abia State on FAAC is in the vicinity of 4 billion Naira. Is that true or false? He also stated that the Governor receives between 500 and 700 million Naira as a security vote, while the Deputy Governor receives 25 – 30 million, and the Speaker of the House of Assembly receives another 20 – 30 million Naira, amounting to approximately 25% of our entire monthly FAAC collection to these three principal government officials at the expense of other areas of dire need in the State. Are these lies, Chief Ukairo?

According to official government records, the governor’s security votes are 7.4 billion Naira (2019) and 6.1 billion Naira (2020); the deputy governor’s security votes are 291 million Naira (2019) and 442 million Naira (2020); and the speaker of the House of Assembly’s security votes are 325 million Naira (2019) and 260 million Naira (2020). (2020). Could you please refute this?

You work as a lawyer. Is it true, Chief Ukairo, that there is a lack of court halls in Abia State, as most judges and magistrates do not have court halls? Is there any evidence that judges have sat outside of their jurisdiction due to a lack of courtrooms in their areas of jurisdiction? The list could go on and on.

Why are we so vile in our support for our commonwealth’s rapacious brigandage? You couldn’t address the core of this letter, but all you could do, sounding like a sickening encore of an old gramophone disc, was poke fun at your brother because you weren’t on the same page as him on an issue. You should be ashamed of yourself and you will agree with me that in an old Ohafia tradition you will be ex-communicated as a true Ohafia son because you are treacherous and filled with despicable and deceitful character. The government, who chief Ume’s letter was addressed to, in their wisdom, gave a brief response. It is a shame that it will take a sycophantic Ohafia man to agree to write what you wrote.

Bury your head in Shame Chief Ukairo!!

Unico Uduka


By admin

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