Know Founders of 26 Ohafia Clans in this song by Agwu A. Okechi


Released 36 years after production.

This song was originally recorded in 1982 by Chief Agwu A.Okechi (MWO RTD) while he was in the military, but its publicity and the master tape were restricted and seized by the Nigerian Air force because as a soldier he was not allowed to release any commercial recording.

In 2018 we started the project all over again with a copy of the Lp disc we had saved for 36 years.

This song in our native dialect tells us the founders of the 26 villages in Ohafia Local Government of Abia State Nigeria.

The short interview/Documentary tells us how the names of these founders were derived; this project was yet ongoing before the demise of this great Legend Agwu A. Okechi a.k.a. BM.

This song and other of his works yet to be released was put together by his son Kalu Uchenna Agwu The CEO of One House Music & Sound Ltd.

It was recorded live at One House Music Studio by all the protégé of Chief Agwu A. Okechi (MWO RTD).
This project is been released in loving memory and honor of a great man who loved and believed so much in his roots Ohafia Udumeze

kaaaa ni wo.


By Amos Kalu

A Media Consultant/ICT Expert. Website Developer and CEO/Chief Editor OHAFIA TV News.

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