Ohanaeze to Igbos: 2022 will be tougher, there’ll be political betrayals, conspiracies against Southeast.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide has cautioned that the year 2022 will be strenuous and tougher than the year 2021, urging Igbos to equip and prepare themselves with the same virtue and mental strength that saw them overcome the oppression, intimidation, and arm twisting all over the world especially in Nigeria, after systematic savagery of compensation of twenty pounds in 1970, but at the same, we shall overcome the common enemies of the people who are at work to ensure that Igbo will be the continuous ” dot in a circle”, and enslaved permanently in commerce and politically.

Igbos must be prepared for the horrible and shocking things ahead while they hope for the promising future, ” there will be attempts to dash Igbo’s political hope for 2023 and manipulate the electoral procedure not to give Igbo the opportunity to fly APC and PDP 2023 Presidential tickets, but natural occurrences will not only favor Ndigbo but re-positioned them, as Igbos are destined to emancipate Nigeria from all ailments and maladies withholding her to regain her global status of Giant of Africa”.

President Muhammadu Buhari should release Nnamdi Kanu in 2022, to authorize peace, security, and stability to return to southeastern Nigeria, but if he’s not released in 2022 as being championed by Northern leadership( Arewa consultative forum and Northern Elders Forum), there will be no 2023 elections in Eastern Nigeria with the evidence of Sit at homes in the East and it will deteriorate the security challenges of Southern Nigeria, ” Buhari can not shy away from releasing Nnamdi Kanu, it will help to obliterate the negative impression of Nigeria in the eyes of the International Community, and restore the dignity of Nigeria, and re-admit her amongst the commit of Nations”.

In 2023, we are committed to the Nigerian President of Igbo extraction as a result of addressing the equity, fairness and obeying the gentleman agreement of Rotational Presidency reached by Nigeria’s Patriots in 1999 , which has helped to stabilize the country, it will be unwise to scuttle it now it favors Ndigbo, we will commence the political journey of 2023 with persuasive visits to all the geopolitical zones of the country by January 13th 2022, but in the case of conspiracy, sabotage, and denial of Igbo the 2023 Presidential tickets in APC and PDP, both the conspirators and saboteurs will only be available for the doomsday and may not superintendent the affairs of
the country in 2023, as secessionist groups will be strengthened and unified by the evidence of political neglect, marginalization, and enslavement of Eastern Nigeria.

Based on the endless environmental threats of violence and governmental negative policies against Igbo’s investments and businesses in southwestern and Northern Nigeria, Igbos are advised to relocate their headquarters of investments and businesses back home in line with ” Ohanaeze Think Home philosophy” especially take advantage of the opportunity to invest in the ongoing Enyimba Economic City, this is the new Dubai of Africa.

Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro
Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide

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