Those Clamouring for Old Aba/Bende Bloc are being insincere to themselves – MPA President

By Comr Amos Kalu

The Ohafia political think-tank and advocacy group spearheading the Ohafia for Governor 2023, Mben Political Assembly, MPA, has through her President, Chief Eme Uche Onuh, addressed many questions bothering on the persistent call that power must rotate to Abia North and Ohafia to be given a shot at the number one seat of authority in Abia State.

This was revealed at a programme of Flo FM Umuahia anchored by Micheal Oni: THE PLATFORM.

In the expository, heated conversation monitored by OHAFIA TV News, Chief Onuh threw light on the recent permutations which among other things, bordered on the trajectory of power rotation as against competence that drives development and a progressive society.

Foremost, the MPA President cleared the air that the reason why there has been relative peace in Abia State unlike her neighbouring States is because the State was founded on the principle of charter of Equity. According to him, Africa is deeply affected by tribalism and nepotism that brood a natural sense of marginalisation, therefore Equity is the only template to create balance which is why Abia is one of the most politically stable State in Nigeria.

“According to the arrangement, Old Aba/Bende Bloc was jettisoned to include Afikpo into the picture when Abia State was created, but with the carving out of Afikpo into Ebonyi State, that arrangement ceased to exist and Equity in Abia State started operating on a tripod of Abia North, Abia Central and Abia South Senatorial Zones, so if you go back to canvass for Old Aba and Old Bende Bloc, where does Afikpo and Isiukwato fit in?

“This is why I say that anyone pushing for that is only serving their personal interest and doesn’t care if Abia slide into chaos or not. That idea is self-serving.

“Talking about competence and why Ohafia should take over from Ikpeazu, that is, micro-zoning within Abia North. I will assure you that from the time of Ike Nwachukwu to Uche Chukwumereije, Mao Ohuabunwa etc, everyone had ridden on the total support of Ohafia people to success. That is why this time we expect that they, Isiukwato, Isuochi, Bende, and Arochukwu should reciprocate. We are making consultations and I believe they will see reasons with us.

“Ohafia has successful and well-accomplished, competent hands that will turn the fortunes of Abia State around for Good”.

He, therefore, called on all political parties to key into the Charter of Equity to ensure that Abia State continues to enjoy relative peace at all times.

“It is only just and fair that Abia North gets the opportunity to produce Okezie Ikpeazu’s replacement”

Follow this link to watch the full video:
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