Ukraine’s Alliance With WEST, NATO Made Her Vulnerable: Who will stop Putin?

Ukraine’s alliance with the WEST and NATO membership ambition made her vulnerable. Who will stop Putin?


Russia’s national security interest is their major concern. Being a member of the nuclear cult with a sophisticated military capabilities that towers high and above Ukraine, give them an advantage over the later.

The fear of what Putin can do has laid a strong grip on the US and NATO. This makes it difficult for them to stop Russia. Power is the major currency in the international politics.

Ukraine on the other hand overrated the ability of US and NATO defending them in a critical time as this.

Even as I do not support the Ukraine’s ambition to join NATO, I also blame them for giving up their nuclear weapons in return for US’ protection.

Where is the US?

Where is NATO?

Russia is a major international actor in the world politics, a member of the big five with the power to veto any resolution by the United Nations Security Council. The General Assembly cannot really do much in this case. Time is running out,
Ukrainians are dying! and what took them years to achieve in their country are being destroyed in a war that would have been avoided.

Sanctions by the US and NATO are not enough!

Ukrainians are determined to defend their identity and territory, the WEST and NATO should help them in whichever way to achieve it.

Russia has threatened Poland. What does that tell you? NATO is a toothless bulldog. If Putin succeeds in enforcing regime change in Ukraine against the collective will of the people, that will mark the beginning of a new era. One may argue that Ukraine is not a member of NATO to justify why NATO and the US are not taking military action to defend her from external aggression.
What about the responsibility to protect which was a political commitment by all UN members in 2005 to protect vulnerable populations?

Does it mean the world will keep quiet until Ukraine is wiped out or should we continue to wait until Russia attacks any NATO member before they take action to stop Russia?

One key lesson from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is never to trust anyone except yourself especially in negotiating your security or best interest.
If Ukraine had ignored the US negotiated agreement including the political promise to protect Ukraine from Russian invasion, which actually became the driving force towards Ukraine’s ambition to join NATO, a step Russia viewed as a national security threat and held unto their nuclear weapons, what is happening now couldn’t have been possible.

Written by Prince Ike Okorafor, Dike Ogu I of Abam Onyerubi. Arochukwu Constituency Constituency, 2023.

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