Fuel scarcity leaves workers, travelers stranded in Kaduna

Fuel scarcity hit harder in Kaduna State on Monday, as workers, businessmen and travelers were left stranded at various bus stops and garages in the Kaduna metropolis and its environs.

The roads were deserted, leaving only pedestrians.

Various filling stations were locked, while several vehicles queued waiting for the arrival of fuel.

A litre of fuel, which sold for N1,000 Naira yesterday (Sunday) goes for N1500 in the black market today.

Although the Kaduna State government had banned the selling of fuel in Jerricans, car owners have been patronizing the black market since the scarcity hit the State.

According to Mrs. Juliet Adama, “I have stayed at Kakuri Bus stop trying to take a bus to Kawo since 6:00 am, up till 9:00 am, there is no vehicle.

“Some bus drivers drove past us, saying they were looking for fuel, others were going to queue for fuel at filling stations.”

Also, Mr. Yohanna Madaki, who said he wanted to travel for burial at Kafachan, said he cannot afford the cost of transportation.

“Some passengers have returned to their various homes. After staying for several hours, a passenger taxi came and asked us to pay N5000. I cannot afford it. I am going back to my house,” he said.

Although the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), had promised to supply enough fuel to ease transportation, the situation is not getting any better.

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