Uncensored equity can be deadly, self-serving – Rev Daniel Imo

Inequity is injustice and a dangerous commonwealth crime. On a flip-coin, a manipulated, uncensored equity can be deadlier and self-serving.

Equity will lose it’s essence if it is a mere momentary quieting of a zonal political appetite but a conduit for prebendary welfare. It is needless to say that when political merchants negotiate equity, they’ll hijack the dividends meant for the people.
The stark reality stares us in the face.

May I suggest that our legitimate clamour for a rotational power shift from Abia South to Abia North should be a holistic agenda.

When equity bequeaths the guber slot to Abia North, equity should also entrust the governing responsibility to a people-oriented, God-fearing, tested, capable, servant-leader, Abiacentric maniac because, only a “madman” with the above satirical tantrum can change the narrative of governance. There must be capacity in equity.

Equity is capacity that is passionately responsive to the people’s yearnings. This is the equity of our dream.

Rev. Daniel Imo
APC Aspirant 2023
Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency

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