Ohafia South 2023: Why Emmanuel Ukweni; a paradigm shift.

The yearnings and aspirations of Ohafia South State Constituency, Abia State, is no longer subject for speculations, but a necessity that yearns for answers, day in day out.

In order words, the discussion of representation is such that it must be given the needed priority as it is pertinent to understand where the rain started beating us as a people, to help us count our ups and downs as our decision of 2023, will be a test of the peoples resolve to demand the best.

It will be out of place for Ohafia South State Constituency to believe that we can get a different result when we continue to do the same thing over and over, whereas, only by trying the unknown, treading the unsung path, that we can get a different result because different approaches would’ve been applied.

It is on this note that we insist that Barr. Emmanuel Mba Ukweni, is a prove of a paradigm shift from the known to the unexploited as he is a man that has imbued himself with ethics, charisma and idiosyncrasies that will represent a new crop of leadership, a breath of fresh air as only transparency, accountability and patriotism can guarantee even development.

Indeed, new things are bound to happen in Ohafia South Constituency, that is why your support for a disciplined and honest man with the fear of God is the closest answer to many questions arising from yearning for good governance in Abia State.

Support Barr Emmanuel Mba Ukweni, the right choice for the best results and people-centric representation.

Happy New month.

Comrade Owen Idikachukwu (a nationalist),
For Barr. Emmanuel
Ukweni Media and Publicity.

By Nwajiaku Chidiogo

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