EQUITY: ‘I am ready to serve Ohafia South Constituency’ –  Ebin Kalu

Ebin Kalu Orji.

Foremost contender for the position of representative of the good people of Ohafia South State Constituency, Hon. Ebin Kalu Orji (popularly known as Chief Obia), has reiterated his determination to represent his people in 2023.

Speaking after another consultative meeting with Peoples Democratic Party Stakeholders in Ebem Ohafia, he maintained that besides being eminently qualified for the position as a seasoned and experienced party member and former Councilor of Okamu Ward with requisite educational background, he insisted that EQUITY is the only guarantee for a better and politically stable Ohafia, albeit, Abia State at all times.

“I have made this case at every forum, and I will continue to draw our attention to it. Okamu Ward, precisely Okon-Aku Autonomous Community, where I come from have never had the privilege of representing Ohafia in any elective position despite being one of the “A” Communities of Ohafia who play a big role in the major political decisions of the Ohafia clan.

“We have produced men of calibre in affairs of men, but has lagged in producing political heavyweights to give our people role models that will channel their purpose towards active politics and its benefits rather than finding attraction in crime and social vices.

“This is a challenge Ohafia Clan need to help us to solve to give us pride of place and fulfil the principle of equity that we vehemently seek, I am a ready tool for that change”, he said.

The highlight of the consultation included closed-door meetings with women, youths, ward leaders and a cross-section of relevant stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party family.

By Amos Kalu

A Media Consultant/ICT Expert. Website Developer and CEO/Chief Editor OHAFIA TV News.

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