FRESHNESS CUM FORTUNE – IOK Liberation Movement, 2023.

Freshness in the real sense of it predicates what is unadulterated but viewing from political lens and in this instance implies that Prince Ike Okorafor, the CEO of IOK Foundations and the Most Credible Aspirant for Arochukwu State Constituency come 2023 has never been in the silos of power and has solitarily observed the quotidian interactions of everyday folks—their humour, laughter, fights, attitudes, perception of politics , needs and expectations from the government. He understands modern democracy and what the teeming populace needs. He is fresh and uncontaminated.

The expectation of the common man is not to receive money from politicians but to have accessible roads, health care centers, steady power supply, pipe-borne water, standard education and a robust economy that will complement the standard of living. The place of infrastructural decay, gross Negligence, misappropriation, embezzlement are the reasons the constituent looses hope and confidence in politics. Prince Ike Okorafor has come to provide skills for the youths so that they can be productively engaged and fend for themselves, that way, they will be free from hostility , antagonism and sycophancy

Conventionally, it is the primary objective of the government to provide basic amenities and promote infrastructural developments that will alleviate suffering of the common man but overtime, political office holders shy away from these responsibilities because they are battling with Godfatherism shenanigans. Ofcourse the political will of the grandmaster must be respected. The only way to escape from  brutes orchestrating this backwardness in our dear Constituency is POPULAR PARTICIPATION come 2023. We must not be cajoled to vote the wrong person. We must consider our future for the next 4years. Our weapon is our Voter’s Card 💳. Reject the 2000 and vote for 4years of grandeur and speedy all-round development.

Prince Ike Okorafor is to politicians what American Journalist Louis McHenry Howe once called a “toe holder,” that is, someone who doesn’t fear them, expects no favors from them, and can tell them uncomfortable truths without fear of consequences. He is brave, undaunted, he is free from GODFATHERISM, he is not entangled in the jugular of “nyere nyere ochichi”, having a mind of his own, he can’t be cajoled, swindled or ployed to undo his constituents or plunge them into slavery , this fresh breed is ready to salvage his people from servitude. He is tested and trusted, not corrupt or desperate , he doesn’t make noise, he is Pragmatic, visionary, intelligent, articulate, humane, selfless, people-friendly, generous, sociable… His uprising is to harness the intellectual properties, the technical know-hows, the human and material resources that has been lavishing for the past 22 years. Denying him this opportunity will be an abortion of the hope that burns within him.

The time to elect a proficient and able representative who has the mind of development to positively impact in his people and even ensure that each clan in Arochukwu State Constituency has a hub-bub of infrastructure that will attract people from all works of life is NOW . Recall that he made a comparative analysis of the intricacies of US and Nigerian style of Governance and ready to make practical applications where necessary. There is always a time of emancipation and the time ⌚ is NOW

Get your PVC for freshness 2023.

Mary Thompson
For IOK’S Media Team

By admin

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