Pst. Barr Emmanuel Mba, Our Best Choice For Ohafia South Constituency.

One of the truest realities of the 2023 elections is that it is going to prove beyond every reasonable doubt that the political consciousness of an average Nigerian has evolved to a certain school of thought that the only way we can move our society forward is to try our best and to approach issues from a different perspective as we can never get a different result by doing the same thing over and over.

It is a fact that one of the banes of development and quality representation so far is the inability of the people to enthrone credibility, experienced and tested leaders that will harness the scarce resources available at their disposal to get maximum results. This is one of the issues that must be addressed by the 2023 elections when the people’s voice will matter and their votes will count.

In this light, therefore, it will be pertinent to insist that in this wonderful march to political emancipation, Ohafia South Constituency will not be left behind through the blunder of choice, and that is only possible when they decide to see the fate and future of the constituency through the prism of reality by supporting the best man for the job.

Suffice this to say that in pedigree, charisma, pragmatism and experience, Pst Barr. Emmanuel Mba Ukweni is the only aspirant that has been tested virtually in all the important areas of life, not by choice or but by his calling of as a legal practitioner, a preacher of the Gospel and a successful technocrat which have exposed him to encountering and solving human problems and also to rendering service to God and humanity.

Before arriving at the conclusion that Pst.Barr.Emmanuel Mba Ukweni is the most suitable and the best choice for the Ohafia South Constituency seat,we have considered his wealth of experience as a lawyer,his service to God and humanity in humility and his belief in good governance, transparency and accountability.As a tested and proven manager of men and resources,he understands the import of being a servant-leader while delivering the good life to the people of Ohafia South Constituency.Aslo,as a grassroots player who believes in harnessing potentials,he will empower our youths and women through meaningful interventions and carrier trainings that would transform their lives and improve their standard of living.

We present to you a legal luminary who knows where to find the law and apply the law, a pastor with the fear of God and passion to serve God and humanity and a technocrat that is tested and trusted.Indeed, Pst Barr Emmanuel Mba Ukweni is our best choice for Ohafia South Constituency come 2023 and he is the one that will ensure that Ohafia South Constituency breaths fresh air come 2023,by providing viable political representation to the good people Ohafia South Constituency if given the opportunity to serve.

Our destiny rests in our hands.Let’s support our best.Let’s support Pst.Barr.Emmanuel Mba Ukweni.

By Nwajiaku Chidiogo

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