AN URGENT MISSION: Philanthropist, Dr. Jeff Nnamani vows to return good governance to Enugu State.

“Here is the man born ready to take on the task of rescuing Enugu state come 2023. He is Dr. Jeff Nnamani, a successful player in the oil industry with many years of philanthropy.

A professional in his field who believes his state deserves better governance to reach her full potentials and who is optimistic about a total liberation from the mismanagement that the party in power has served throughout its 23 years of regressive political hegemony.

He is the frontline gubernatorial candidate under APGA with a remarkable reputation for accountability and transparency.

Political elders have described him as someone who has what it takes to bring good governance to the people of Enugu state.
If there is one state in Nigeria that desperately needs restructuring in order to come to par, it is Enugu state. Its time to give competence a chance In Enugu.”

  • Movement for good governance in Enugu state.
By Nwajiaku Chidiogo

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