I’m qualified, overly ready to serve ARO/OHAFIA FED. CONSTITUENCY – Rev Daniel Imo.

The CEO of Cambridge Toyota Services USA and Global Complete Logistics INC USA , Rev Daniel Imo, made this declaration during a visit to the leaders of his party ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS, where he intimated the leaders of the party of his preparedness and proactiveness in ensuring the victory of the party in the forthcoming elections.

He also affirmed that his aspiration is driven by the sincere needs of the masses for quality and effective representation that translates to have positive effect on all classes of people in his constituency and far beyond.

Rev Imo went further to narrate how through his leadership skills at various capacities in the community, church and business, lives are being touched, health restored, hope regaining life, peace abounding and joy accomplished.

In his words “Seeing how great I’ve been able to do with the little I have, I get moved to utilize the available collective resources of my people, to see to their welfare and provision of the basic needs of life, made available to all classes “ .

The Clergyman and Business expert expressed how committed he is to the unity of the party and how much benefit the constituency stands to gain through his representation which will be propagated through his experience gained as an international security expert, importer and exporter, mediator, investor and activist whose network cuts across states and nations where such benefits can be drawn from, to bring lasting solutions to the people in areas of

1) Quality Healthcare
2) IT/Technology and Technical based education to engage youths in enhanced commercial productivity

3) Infrastructural development
4) Implementation of laws and bills that will address the plights of the people and bring permanent solutions.

To be Continued .

Okwara Uche Ezema

Independent Observer

By admin

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