Politics Beyond Politicking: Kalu Ijomah On A Rescue Mission

As a determined contestant for the number one position in Abia State, to occupy Lion House to lead, strategise, project and navigate Abia to safer grounds and enabling environment to pursue and change lacking development in all areas and make the state conducive for her citizens, Chief Kalu Ijomah Ukeh has insisted that:
“Politics should go beyond politicking, to reflect on actual governance for the betterment of the state”.

In a recent interaction with a cross-section of entrepreneurial youths that paid him an unscheduled courtesy visit to show solidarity, Chief Ijomah posited that “sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all and therefore, we must look beyond the facade of the fierce political wrestling ongoing, to envisage those that are fit to offer governance with transformational ideologies that will change the narrative in Abia State and offer succour to our yearnings for many years.

“Good governance with good intentions will be the hallmark of my government when elected,  that is why I have faith in the youths and the masses who have always been at the receiving end of successive maladministration of our dear state.

“Corruption is the enemy of development and good governance, a monster we must tackle headlong in 2023, with the consciousness that the right time is now and the duty rest with the electorates to make a strong statement at the polls for a better and more viable Abia of our dreams.

“I am the man with the requisite credentials in all ratifications, practical or otherwise, to deliver governance to Abia State, knowing well that after politicking, there is a greater burden of governance as a politician” he argued.

Meanwhile, Chief Ijomah Ukeh has so far enjoyed a lot of endorsement from the people as a sign of support and solidarity to his proven antecedents of equity, accountability, pragmatism and administrative prowess.

Indeed! There is hope for Abia State in Chief Kalu Ijomah Ukeh.

…Owen Idikachukwu

By admin

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