2023: Senator Pius Anyim, a Perfect Fit

By Comr Amos Kalu

It is no longer subject to speculation whether or not Senator Anyim Pius Anyim is contesting for the 2023 Presidential position to navigate Nigeria out of the woods of despondency and economic downturn to give her a chance to recover her lost opportunities by creating enabling environment for a prosperous future, but a necessity that Nigerians should give him support as the man with the necessary qualifications and administrative acumen to effect true change, a feat he seamlessly accomplished as Senate President and former SGF.

Indeed, the political consciousness of Nigerians presently is a signal that the 2023 election is not going to be business as usual as it will be a time that will present Nigerians with the opportunity to rewrite their history by doing the right thing, vote a qualified, detribalized and servant-leader, a description that suits Senator Anyim Pius Anyim.

As proof of his acceptance in Nigeria, I sampled public opinion on his candidacy and acquired the bellow excerpts:

I just want to remind you once again..why 2023 is like no other election year in Nigeria. 

Nigeria needs stability. if you take your time and have closer look at all presidential aspirants and the challenges facing Nigeria. You will agree with me that senator Pius Anyim fit the bill squarely. – Umaru.

He has nationwide acceptance.. humility and intelligence.   Hardworking and determined. good knowledge of the challenges facing the nation and having held one of the highest offices at the federal level. senator Pius Anyim is more qualified to solve the mess Buhari heaped on Nigeria. – Chukwudi

Here is the thing. He needs the help of you and me to change the ugly narratives trajectories of this nation. – Omokafe

Everybody here is an agent of that change.. for the sake of our kids and the next generations.. we can not toy with the chance to elect a candidate who will impact every corner of this nation positively in the 2023 election. – Uduak

To do that.. we must make sure that the people who brought this calamity upon us are denied the opportunity to bring more misery to us and the next generations by rejecting them. – Tunde

You and I have a big part to play. – Emeka

If you allow your conscience to be bought with money.  You shouldn’t complain about the bad governance as we have been witnessing in the last 8 years. – Kenneth

If you allow yourself to be intimidated to accept mediocrity as next our president..you will live to regret it. – Anonymous

There are no Nigerians with conscience and good brains who will support the presidency going back to the north again after 8 years of Buhari.  To give the north another 8 years making 16 years. that’s not fair in every sense. – Ubani

Where is this sense of one united Nigeria.. even the number of years the power has remained with the North.. given how poor the government have been managed? Given how backwards the nation has gone.  We need to advance this country together with your help. – Ikpuri

There are some people in Nigeria. Who does not care about you and me but only their families and friends? Anyim is not one of them – Ben

They will offer money for your votes or your silence not because of their love for this nation but to maintain their grip in power .. plunder the nation’s treasures empty – Abiodun

We need to put an end to this bad system. just one good government can change the fortune of this country for good – Anonymous

Our biggest problem in Nigeria is this..  the victims are the primary enablers of our culprits – Adamu

They betrayed our beloved nation and call it smart – Joseph

Senator Pius Anyim will not only position Nigeria to prosperity but will enable every Nigerian to advance. – Itoro

He will treat every section of Nigeria with the utmost respect. – Akwudo

The South and North will enjoy the harmony of one united nation with love. – Chakra

Opportunities will be extended to everybody and every section of the country – Benji

If you take a closer look at his previous records in services to Nigeria. You will reason to go all out to campaign for him for 2023. there is no better candidate than senator Pius Anyim. – Adams

Indeed, from the honest responses from Nigerians, it is clear that a lot is at stake that needs changing and the best and only way to achieve that is to support a man with wide acceptance across the board, a man like Anyim Pius Anyim for the 2023 presidential position as his emergence will naturally tackle the desperate menace confronting  Nigeria like Insurgency, Kidnapping, Banditry, Agitation for Self Independence,  and turn around our economy, usher in Educational reforms, address insecurity and guarantee Freedom of speech and expression.

Our healthcare system will improve, unemployment will be tackled and labour laws put in place to address industrial actions and disharmony among the Nigerian Labour Force.

Poverty will become a thing of the past, Name them..with the best human and natural resources surplus in Nigeria. We should not face the above problems. – Author

There is hope for Nigeria. 2023 will usher in that hope for you and me with senator Pius Anyim’s presidency. 

Join hands and let’s make this journey a success.

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