Observers Are Asking One Question, “Is APGA As Political Party Ready For The Elections In Enugu Come 2023?”

In a state that has been dominated by PDP for the last 23 years and many have agreed that this has been a move towards making one of the economic capitals of the southeast to become a one party state.

No doubt APGA has showed her fierceness in the South East as was recently witnessed in Anambra state, where Governor Willie Obiano successfully passed on power to Charles Soludo who is another remarkable professional in his field, but back home in Enugu state, the APGA party seem to be taking the backseat in the affairs of things around here. The Enugu arm of the party seem to be comfortable in just observe and doing the barest minimum in seeking electoral positions. How else can one explain the event of the last electoral event that took place in the state where the PDP cleared all 17 local council seats. It is indeed a laughable event in a state that has a a political rival such as APGA. When will the citizens of Enugu state hear the sound of the cock just as it has been audible in Anambra state.

Political observers have agreed that the PDP has only succeeded in dominating Enugu state in the last 23 years because of the inadequate action of rival parties such as APGA. Many years down the line and APGA which many believe is a political power house in the southeast have not been able to cling to any formidable position in Enugu state. Should we just conclude that APGA has been completely incapacitated? This brings the question back to mind, is APGA ready for elections in Enugu state come 2023?

The floor is set and according to many political observers, the current political leaders in the state have done little or nothing to be able to cling to power if a dogged and strategic rival political party steps up to contest the seats come 2023.

The Citizens of Enugu state are more than ready to have power change hands in their state, is APGA ready to step up into that shoe?

Can APGA be strategic enough to take over power in 2023, do they have the right candidates? While they showed some seriousness in the last local government election in enugu, do they have the will and zeal to go on the governorship race in the state? These are questions that a rival party in the one party state of Enugu needs to answer. We all know as election draws nearer we will begin to see candidates decamp from one party to another.

Political analysts have their eyes on APGA in Enugu state to rescue the state but is APGA up to the task ahead for a state that boasts of 17 local government areas and 260 political wards. Time will tell. I believe its time APGA as a party step up in Enugu state and answer the call of the people.

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