Five (5) Major Things Nigerians Stand To Gain By Visionary Leader Like Anyim Pius

The 2023 elections draw closer and the race is starting to really heat up. Nigerians are getting ready to choose their preferred candidate. A number of candidates have stated their ambitions to run for the presidential seat of the country and everyone’s eyes seem to be fixed on the presidential race in particular. Anyim Pius Anyim – an elder statesman, a former Senate President and former Secretary to the Federation of the Government has thrown his hat in the ring.

However, Nigerians may be wondering what is set to be different this time. What benefit can be attached to voting this man at such a crucial time? Well, here are 5 major benefits Nigerians stand to gain by voting for Anyim Pius Anyim.

Good Governance: Nigeria experienced some of the smoothest running government when Anyim Pius was in the corridors of power. First, as the Senate President while Olusegun Obasanjo was the president, and then as the senate president, he was instrumental in passing most of the policies that have continued to benefit Nigerians today. A few years later, former President Goodluck Jonathan appointed him as the Secretary to the Government of the Federation. He just might be in the best position to deliver a functioning government for every single Nigerian.

Economic Stability: A lot of Nigerians have lamented the deplorable state of the economy. From inflation and the devaluation of the economy to unemployment, the economic implications of a faulty government have been laid bare. During his interview with Arise News, Anyim Pius Anyim noted that he would use a unique approach to drive Nigeria forward in the 4th industrial revolution. He mentioned innovation, technology, and science as the key factors. As a proven man of his words, Anyim has consistently shown that he can deliver on his promises.

National Unity: Nigeria has been divided across ethnic lines in the last few years. Anyim has consistently stated that this particular situation has given him a lot to worry about. But Nigerians want to know if he has the capacity to deliver a united Nigeria. Looking at his pedigree from his days as a youth corp member even up to his role in stabilizing and leading a senate with one voice, it is no doubt that he understands the peculiar problem of every region and may just have the right solution.

Rule of Law: It’s no longer news that the rule of law has broken down across the nation. From police brutality to members of the DSS unconstitutionally holding people hostage, we are in an era where anyone who has power could abuse the rule of law and go free. But Anyim has not only promised to defend the constitutional authority, he has shown it during his tenure as the Senate president. He knows that a lot of Nigerians will be looking forward to restoring the rule of law during the next government so that peace and harmony can be returned to the society.

A Proven Effective Leader: Anyim Pius Anyim is a proven and effective leader who is not afraid to lay down personal gains for the good of the people. He has consistently proven that he does not condone a rubber stamp for his decisions and has never welcomed the idea of a rubber stamp. As a leader, he believes in listening to the voice of the people and using it to decide policies that will affect everyone.

Nigeria’s future will rest on the outcome of the 2023 election and it’s important for Nigerians to choose a reputable leader that will lead the nation to the next stage and deserved phase of development. A visionary leader like Anyim is what the country needs and the political class are already rallying behind him.

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