2023: A Daniel Has Come To Judgement, Episode 6 – Rev. Daniel Imo.



We undoubtedly live in a profoundly corrupt Society – a society where nothing practically works as a result of corruption. Corruption has overwhelmed our country, cascading from the highest echelons to the lowest. Ours is a society so bastardized that those trying to hold their heads high, those trying to maintain their dignity by not joining the bandwagon are not only ridiculously made jest of but considered stupid. It no longer pays to be decent. It’s no longer encouraging. It’s no longer a norm. Our dignity & self-esteem are no longer a true measure or a reflection of a man’s character.

It’s therefore becoming increasingly challenging by the day to be upright. The nature of our Politics & the Democratic principles we practice make it even worse. It is politics of ‘winner takes it all’ A confusing, confounding and complicated system shrouded in mysteries. Politics of obscurantism that deliberately prevents facts or full details of something from becoming real or established. Even when you’re victorious, you’re literally arm twisted. Some have had their victories brazenly stolen.

Our systems have come to recognize the pervasiveness of our youths, and the covetousness of our elders. It’s now entrenched in our body polity. Our politics is surrounded by indecency, immorality, corruption, impunity etc. Moral values are at its lowest level giving way to all forms of corruption that are openly committed without anyone batting an eyelid.

But there is hope. There is light in the horizons. Like the Rainbow with all its amazing and enthralling colors, a man has stepped out to be counted. That Man is the REVEREND GENTLEMAN “DANIEL IMO” . It’s already written that when the RIGHTEOUS IS IN POWER, THE PEOPLE REJOICE. Inspite of the decay, the putrefaction, the stench oozing out from our society, DANIEL has come to judgment; he has come to make a difference.

The road maybe rough because there are bumps on the highway to 2023. There will be obstructions as well as stumbling blocks. Indeed, there will be be obstacles. Rev. DAN IMO has determined to subdue all the negativities with his will power despite the rough road, the tough terrains, the terror threats, with God on his side, with your support, and my support, and with the support of every electorate from Aro/Ohafia Fed Constituency.

DAN IMO is diligent. Diligence is a ” careful attention, persistent endeavour” Diligence gives you a competitive edge and makes you stand out from the pack….It is worthwhile to be diligent for it will not only take you to your desired destination, but bring with it unprecedented pay” Norman Vincent Peale”
“Power of Positive Thinking”

At the end, come, 2023, the people will REJOICE when the RIGHTEOUS come to Power.


Reverend Daniel Imo
By admin

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