Abia 2023: I’ll Boost Abia Economy If Elected Governor – Ijomah Ukeh

Renowned Chemical Scientist, Kalu Ijomah Ukeh, has promised to boost the economy of Abia State if elected as Governor in 2023.

Ijomah Ukeh made the promise on Tuesday in Lagos when he paid a consultative visit to some selected Abia Professionals.

When asked about the economic direction of his administration if elected governor, he said, “Firstly, there is no economic direction in Abia state, even a bad one. We are going into industrialization big time.

“Abia state is far richer than Cross River State when you put alot into consideration. Abia as an oil producing state earns more than them. Our internally generated revenue is far higher than theirs. But, under the Donald Duke era, he started the industrialization drive through Agrobusiness and tourism. He built cassava and pineapple farms in Obubra and Ogoja respectively. He built the Obudu cattle ranch, Tinapa, Marina resort and so many others. Ayade came in 2015 and has set up over 10 industries which include: Chicken cottage, Calavargas, Toothpick factory, Rice mill factory and others.

“China is what it is today because they embraced manufacturering. So it’s a shame we can not manufacture glass in Africa while the raw materials are abundant in Abia state.

“Our drive is going to be industrialization using our youth population. When you engage the youths economically, the state would be safe for investors. My administration will set create wealth through manufacturing across the councils, thereby, ending rural- urban migration. Manufacturing in all sectors as exemplified by Dee Sam Mbakwe.

” If you talk about the things that are needed in the production of detergents and it’s related products, like toothpaste, mouthwash e.t.c [linear alkylbenzene], there are very much available in Nigeria. All we need to do is get a sulphunating machine after sulphoration you have what is known as linear alkylbenzene sulphate which is a major raw material for a lot of chemical end production. But for some strange reasons nobody is looking at this direction. There are more ten other products that are not produced anywhere in Africa but we can conveniently produce in Abia state. We can meet the market demand of Nigeria if produce these products in Abia state. Even some of the well produced goods in Abia state are poorly packaged. These are areas one intends to improve on.

“I will invest heavily in Agriculture, Education and Health . We shall stabilise food supply in the State. In Agriculture, we shall introduce improved seedlings. Farm products shall be used as raw materials for agroindustries. If we produced tomatoes,why do we import ketchup when is only salt and few other additives and packaging we need to produce ketchup. Yet Nigeria does not produce ketchup. We import from South Africa. We shall engage in production of goods and value addition to generate more revenue and employment for our people,” he said.

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