Govt Should Invest In Education To Reduce Poverty – Kalu Idika Okwara

Chief Kalu Idika Okwara, has stressed the need for government at all levels to see investment in education as a veritable tool in the war against poverty, insecurity and other societal ills in the country.

Idika Okwara made this call while addressing newsmen at Sam Mbakwe airport Owerri on Sunday. He further called on the government to develop a strong economy and accessible education to end the issues of insecurity in Nigeria.

The 2023 governoship hopeful in Abia State said Nigeria had lost many innocent lives, an invaluable quantity of property, and suffered incalculable damage in the area of economic development and progress.

He said it is imperative for the government to make corrections, noting that insecurity could be reduced to the barest minimum if political, economic and social policies and programmes are introduced and sustained in a society.

“Government needs to implement universal and compulsory basic education with the relevant curricular and globally competitive and comparable standards in public and private educational institutions.

“And also adopt and implement necessary measures to educate and train a child and youth beggars across the country to empower them as participants in the nation’s political and socio-economic sectors.”

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