Let’s Make the Right Decision; Join Daniel Imo’s Moving Train To Green Chambers.

It’s incontrovertible, and an indisputable fact that RT. REV. DANIEL IMO (RDI) enjoys dedicated and unalloyed fellowship from Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency, as he has continued to garner spirited support and popularity each passing day, following his persistent and relentless political awareness which has so far served as an eye-opener to many, even those who hitherto prided themselves as being politically savvy.

Everyone associated with RDI, including the sceptics are beginning to view facts from a clearer prism of realities confronting us, jettisoning their previous mindset as a result of Rev.  Imo’s consistent engagement in creating awareness of political education, using facts and figures from verifiable sources, many people have realized that, so much impunity is being perpetrated in our constituency, and, indeed, the State at large as this is evident in the non-delivery of dividends of democracy many years after the return to democracy.

Consequently, unaccountability by the various levels of government has consistently resulted in visible poor performances by the elected officials and the attendant underdevelopment glaringly noticeable in our constituency.

The problems of non-performance are not coming from the Government at the centre (in as much as the centre may have its challenges and peculiarities), yet it has fulfilled its part of the social contract through the distribution of resources via monthly allocations.

However, the allocations meant for the development of the State are known to find their way into the hands of our greedy and insatiable elected officials and their accomplices who covet or appropriate such funds into their private vaults.

This is neither a campaign of calumny nor is it cheap blackmail. The facts are online for everyone to access and avail him/herself of the opportunity to substantiate how much Abia State government receives, as well as Ohafia LGA every month, vis-a-viz, the commensurate infrastructural provisions/projects (un)delivered over the years.

Learn more from  RT. Rev. Daniel Imo.

Let us join hands and take back our State and Constituency from plundering, pillaging, devastation and acute despondency.

Dave Uma

By admin

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