2023: Ody Ajike shades Ikpeazu on his Reckless Intention

okezie victor ikpeazu..


Ikpeazu as Governor of Abia has never met his responsibilities to the people and communities yet, he exhibits a reckless intention to foist his relation on Abians come 2023.

His government has never being of, by and for the people. Ikpeazu has deliberately out of personal incapacity, not responsive to the interests of Nde Abia. He has organized his clan to deploy grievance against the rest of nde Abia. His confused and misguided clannish politics will certainly extinguish the harmony of our past.

Ikpeazu lacks the capacity for anything meaningful including the capacity of engineering collective consent in a democracy. His unconscious, unintelligent manipulation and disruption of our organized power rotation system will be his greatest undoing.

It is his thinking that, as he was promoted into irrelevance so shall he promote another to subsidize and further the destruction of our humanity and development.

Ikpeazu has made us believe that governance inadequacy is a virtue. It’s indeed an elusive virtue and this is our moral peril. His explicit lust for the promotion of clannish politics and elusive virtue will surely promote underlying sociopolitical grievances in Abia State.

By all standards, Ikpeazu is very low in honesty and readily abandons reason for clannish interest to arrive at some skewed notion of justice. We should be aware of his impressive record of corruption, absence of leadership and social contractarian failures. He has mounted an unholy crusade to destroy our harmony thinking that, creating moral prides with his relations will make him realize the elusive virtues and dreams.

Maybe, he has discovered himself as the creator with pride and power. Yet, he is insensitive to the yearnings of justice, equity and fairness.

Dr Ody Ajike is a legal practitioner and a renowned politician. He writes from Abuja.

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