Ohafia On-Road Desired Destination With Arua Goodluck

Goodluck Arua

BY Ikechi Amadi

An Ohafia Born social media influencer, Comrade Ikechi Amadi on his Facebook post endorsed Hon. Arua Goodluck as the best Candidate for Ohafia South State Constituency.

Ikechi Amadi wrote;
“Irrespective of our engagement of seeing a better Nigeria come 2023 it is also our work to see a better ohafia south state house consultancy,I have been a great apostle of good governance and it will be very bad if I leave my house which is on fire and go chess rat outside,in recent times ohafia south have produced some persons who have represented in the house of Assembly in the end we will have nothing to show for,all we get is lies and fake promises,but I love the courage of my brother and friend Arua Goodluck E a young promising man,who I have studied and also understudy other aspirants,in my course of study,I noticed Hon Arua is the most serious and capable man for the job,having been following him since 2018 he summoned the courage contested in the 2019 general election all thanks to president Buhari who signed not too young to run into law, although Hon Arua did not win,he never give up in his pursuit for greater ohafia,which after 2019 he has been touching life’s,I have come to understand he have his people at heart and he wants the best for his people,as a good patriotic citizen and a good follow,I have volunteered myself to support him to achieve his goals and to help him take OHAFIA SOUTH TO ITS DESIRED DESTINATION.

Dear Hon Arua I have made myself available to work and help you to win come 2023, ohafia south deserve the best and in you the best will come.

Erinma Amadi kalu
Eri Africa Intl

Goodluck Arua
By Amos Kalu

A Media Consultant/ICT Expert. Website Developer and CEO/Chief Editor OHAFIA TV News.

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