Opinion: Peter Obi can generate $60Bn with 1 Million Computers annually – Donseth.

Peter Obi

Peter Obi doesn’t need to enlist 50 million Nigerian youths into the army where they will eat Agbado, Cassava and Yam.

With just 1 million computers in the hands of Nigerian tech enthusiasts, Peter Obi can generate nothing less than 50- 60 billion dollars yearly, that’s roughly 27 trillion Naira into the Nigerian economy (Using the 400 Naira benchmark).

Meanwhile, how much is the Nigerian budget for 2022?
The 2022 budget has a deficit of about N6.25tn, approximately 3.39% of GDP.

All over the world, businesses are looking for cheap labour and with the aid of technology, Nigeria can comfortably become the next choice destination for that considering the population of young people in the country.

An average Indian software developer/IT expert earns around 5 million Indian rupees annually which is around $64, 142.45, approximately 65k dollars.

Just imagine having just 1 million Nigerians servicing that market at the rate of 60,000 dollars per annum, that’s approximately 60 billion dollars (27 trillion Naira) yearly from IT alone and talk more of Agriculture, Entertainment, Tourism, Aviation, Health and so many other sectors that bad systems and corruption haven’t allowed Nigeria maximize.

How much does oil generate again?

Most times I hear people brag about the population and voting strength of the North, I ask myself, “what is the economic value of that population?”
“How can this population be of help to Nigeria?”
“Or are they only used as tools for elections every 4 years?”

These cabals understand the power of real education and that is why they do everything within their power to make sure people don’t get qualitative education.

Do you still wonder why they banned crypto?
Do you still wonder why ASUU is still on strike?
Do you still wonder why we have a high rate of crime?

The 2023 election will determine a lot of things.
It’s going to be a fight between:
progress and retrogression,
light and darkness,
poverty and wealth,
mental emancipation and slavery.

If suffer do tire you, get your PVC and vote for Peter Obi.

My name is Donseth Beat , I’m 💯 Obidient and you can go and verify.




By Amos Kalu

A Media Consultant/ICT Expert. Website Developer and CEO/Chief Editor OHAFIA TV News.

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