Abia South HOA: ZeroSumGame thrives as Ebin Kalu dumps PDP, grabs ADP ticket.

Ebin Kalu Orji 1

After the shinanigan that heralded and keeps plaguing the People’s Democratic Party’s Primary elections in Abia State, a situation that has put the party in a myriad of litigation, upon litigation at all levels, some aggrieved members who perceived fairness and equity were not applied in the exercise has moved on intending to actualize their dreams from a more accommodating vintage point of healthy competition.

Prominent among these is one of the foremost contenders for the position of representing the good people of Ohafia South State Constituency in the Abia State House of Assembly come 2023.

Speaking to OHAFIA TV News in a telephone conversation, the grassroots mobilizer explained that his decision not to give up was borne out of the support base he enjoyed among the voters who are truly the ones on whose shoulders rests the duty of voting to choose leaders, insisting that jettisoning the effort as a result of calculated and well-orchestrated manipulation aimed to discourage him will be a betrayal of his supporters.

“Every mandate belongs to God and the people, I have made tremendous inroads in establishing trust among the voters, therefore any retreat due to frustration managed by the party we all trusted will amount to political suicide. That is what prompted my decision to contest from a more accommodating platform, Action Democratic Party, ADP where I will be given the chance to exercise my right and make my people of Ohafia South proud.”

Hon. Ebin Kalu Orji, (Popularly known as Chief Obia Kalu) further assured his teeming suporters that there was no cause for alarm as every needed arrangement has already been concluded with his name submitted to INEC in Abuja as the party flagbearer for the election coming up early weeks of 2023.

By Amos Kalu

A Media Consultant/ICT Expert. Website Developer and CEO/Chief Editor OHAFIA TV News.

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