Arochuckwu 2023: Biography of Dr. Samuel Uba Okorie


Born on the 16th day of August, 1962. Dr. Samuel Uba Okorie on the surface, is an accomplished Financial Analyst with over 34 years of experience in financial markets. Dr. Samuel always ensures the viability of multi-million dollar financial portfolios long-term.
He’s so efficient at his job that he considers himself a “financial portfolio whisperer.” Dr. Samuel has the ability to take unhealthy portfolios and transform them into healthy and thriving ones. Because of his skills, Dr. Samuel can produce productive and long-lasting results for high-level clients.

He caters to major companies, non-profit organizations, and hospitals. He works well with senior corporate executives and can provide consultations for international corporations.
More than his role as a Financial Analyst, he is also effective at persuading and influencing high-ranking individuals. His opinions are highly valued, people trust and respect his judgments. Dr. Samuel earned a degree in B.Sc. Accounting, EMBA Accounting, M.Sc. Accounting and Ph.D. Accounting, all from the prestigious University of Port Harcourt, University of Portharcourt Business School, etc..

Apart from his bias in Accounting, he has, in particular, focused on topics like sustainable development, self-government, and political economy. Dr. Samuel also contributed to the development of policies and writing the legislative language in debt service structure and bond issuance areas.

For his most recent ten-year tenure as a Financial Analyst, Dr. Samuel had successfully nourished his insatiable passion. He did this by conducting research about the investments of emerging markets and international natural resources.

He wants to engage more with influential decision-makers and thought leaders in international public policy. He’s open to challenges, conversations, and an exchange of ideas from the top players in the financial industry.

His long-term goal is to become a national-level policy adviser. He wants to use his untiring commitment and drive to bring more dignity and autonomy to the citizens of developing countries.
Dr. Samuel had a lot of significant professional experiences as a Financial Analyst. He created several tools to help his company evaluate operational requirements more accurately and improve the forecasting of finances. He also monitors and assesses the performance of sales groups, evaluates market conditions weekly, and examines revenue trends. Apart from this, Dr. Samuel also created a model of analysis that improved the sales of the company’s main product by a whopping 125%. He did this by correlating the sales data based on advertising and marketing expenditures.

Moreover, Dr. Samuel supervised the transition of the company to a computer-based ordering system. This eliminated warehouse downtime and redundancies which, in turn, generated over $1.2 million in savings each year. He works closely with the company’s executives to come up with budgets through the financial analyses.

By Amos Kalu

A Media Consultant/ICT Expert. Website Developer and CEO/Chief Editor OHAFIA TV News.

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