2023 Arochukwu/Ohafia Fed. House: All Hands On Deck For Rev Daniel Imo

Rev Dan Imo RDI

By Dave Uma

We neither need a prophetic proclamation nor a soothsayer to awaken our consciousness to the fact that the political atmosphere is fully charged.

Expectedly, therefore, we shall from this moment step hard, but cautiously on the accelerator of our political vehicle for a comprehensive and outstanding finish to what looks like a potentially, challenging, & pulsating encounter. Our desire is for RDI to occupy the Green Chamber of the Nation Assembly as a member representing. Aro/Ohafia Fed. constituency flying the flag of the ruling Party, APC, come 2023. It’s a task that must be done.

Politics & political activities consume a large chunk of time & energy. We are therefore working extremely hard to ensure that the stress associated with these activities are greatly reduced. We shall all be sharing the burden of leadership with RDI. Therefore, we need more hands on deck; people who have the capacity, competence, and character for the task ahead.

A good leader is known by his conduct & utterances. We have in RDI, a man who is visionary, persuasive, knowledgeable, and accountable.

RDI has already demonstrated unparellel & uncommon resilience as a man who has the interest of his constutuency at heart. He, therefore, deserves a tacit endoresement of all.

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It is no longer news that many go into Politics for the filthy lucre. But we have in RDI a man who has already achieved some measures success. His achievement as a man did not depend on a fortuitous combination of circumstances, but by the dint of hard work.

Those whose fortune came as a result of their involvement in partisan politics dot the landscape of Aro/ Ohafia constituency & indeed, Abia State. Here we are talking about ” Winner takes it all” politician. Those who within the shortest possible time acquired stupendous wealth, building mansions within months, and acquiring properties within & abroad in a constituency riddled with poverty stricken constituents.

RDI is not going into politics, because he wants to build a mansion. He already has one. RDI’s priority is not the acquisition of the state of the art automobiles. He is a known auto dealer including trucks. He is opened to a wide range of choice.

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RDI’s burning desire is to lift Aro/ Ohafia constituency from the hands of Political mediocres who have wasted the enormous resources meant for the development of the Aro/ Ohafia. These individual have tasked our patience to unacceptable level. They are gathering again….

Let’s work hard to dislodge them. If we miss out now, we’ll wait for another eight years.

Guard your voter’s card especially for those who have registered. To others who have not registered, the process is ongoing. Your voter’s card is your power. Voting is your Civic obligation. Exercise it, so together we’ll change the status quo..Vote Reverend Daniel Imo (RDI) for Fed. House of Reps come 2023.

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By Amos Kalu
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