2023 Igbo Presidency: The Anyim Pius Anyi Option, A Right Answer To Nigeria Questions (Pt 1)

Anyim Pius Anyim

In the Nigeria political terrain, the 2023 Igbo Presidency Project is no longer a subject for speculation, but an established facts as the only remedy to the contiued peaceful coexistence of Nigerians in a society where equality and fairness reigns supreme to guarantee unity, peace, and security that will help exploit the rich potentialities replete in both natural and human resources that sets Nigeria apart as a blessed people.

It is a reality that the cry of marginalization of the Igbos has deeply permeated through every spheres of Nigeria system which has generated pockets of agitation imbued in every mind within Nigeria, albeit a maintained silence borne out of fear induced by intimidation with the state machineries, yet the approach adopted by successive governments to address it cannot be said to be holistic because you cannot push a man and at the same time tell him where to fall.

What Nigeria should be seeking is a natural approach that will make these cries resolve themselves in simple manner by first of all, expediting the process of making an Igbo man the President of Nigeria as a sign that the silent-civil war that had persisted from the 70s has ended as this will give room for further negotiations and peaceful resolution of conflicting interests to make Nigeria a greater nation.

Just as many may refuse to accept the reality and abounding evidences that South East, especially the Igbos have been shortchanged in Nigeria in many guises, they cannot at the same time defend the fact that the administration of President Mohammedu Buhari has proved to be the most anti-Igbo administration from appointment to developmental policies and shunning of principals of Federal Character in favour of Northernization of federal government, this is an anomaly that should be addressed intoto.

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Nobody can at the same time dismiss the reality that South East remains the only region short of one state in the 6 geopolitical regions that make up the Nigeria entity, hence a question that must recieve an answer through Igbo Presidency.

To this end, the Igbo nation have minced no words of recent in demanding for equity and stability through negotiation to actualize the demand for Nigeria President of Igbo extraction to first of all prove to Igbos that they are still part and parcel of the Nigeria project. Thereafter, many other questions can naturally get their answers in a natural manner and under a serene, smooth and United Nigeria of our dreams.

Chief Anyim Pius Anyim, among many Igbo politicians is a man whom spotlight of reason, credibility, pedigree and provision have set apart to bear the mantle because the quest for Igbo Presidency is not a novelty race to fulfill all righteousness, but an ideology to set new pace in the administration of Nigeria through people oriented, robust and practical economic policies that emphasizes on merit and professionalism.

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In this light therefore, the need for Nigerians to support the candidacy of Chief Anyim Pius Anyim cannot be overemphasized as he is a seasoned administrator and tested politician who remained clean during his times in the public sphere and has maintained absolute decorum devoid of corruption and shady entanglements that had characterized present politicians, especially of Sourh East extraction.

Space will not permit me to expound on all the qualities that set Chief Anyim Pius Anyim apart from the rest, but I will surely do justice to that in the next articles.

Comr Amos Kalu writes from Abuja. [email protected]

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