A Daniel is here: Time to choose leaders by antecedents, capacity to deliver

Rev Dan Imo

By Comr Amos Kalu

For what is it worth, it has become imperative and sacrosanct that we began to consider all the indices that make up good leadership, especially when it comes to separating the grain from the chaff, understanding that any error of choice in 2023 will be the bane of our collective development as a people till 2027, 2032 as the case may be.

There’s no doubt about the need for a paradigm shift in the status quo, premised on the fact that you cannot be doing the same thing all over and expect a different result at the end. That is why it is a duty for us as a people to look beyond the dogma of party shackles of “Loyalty” that present us with the narrow option of settling for the less as opposed to the reality of discernment that throws up men/women to be tested on the scale of pragmatism, antecedents, pedigree, exposure, experience in leadership and more importantly, management of human and resources at all private endeavours.
Of a truth, Rev. Dan Imo is the kind of leader Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency needs at this nick of time to unleash his wealth of experience as a fulfilled United States of America Entrepreneur with a different mindset and attitude towards leadership that he has exhibited through RDIF before Covid-19, during and after it and ready to do even much more.

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Among other antecedents, he has set out as a qualified leader in the consciousness of the people through reorientation of the electorates on their role as custodians of power, not beggars of periodic handouts that cage them, of course, his unrelenting approach has continued to yield result as many who listen always go away different. He has the belief that if you must change the way of life of a people for the better, you must change and liberate their psychology and mental composition.

We should beware that times like this throw up emergency philanthropists and social media do-gooders who create gimmicks to confuse the unsuspecting ones and mortgage our development ad infinito.
We do not need only orators and gladiators as Representatives at all levels, we need men with experience on how to manage humans and materials to enhance productivity and save wastage.

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When you have a man imbued with all these threats like Rev Dan Imo processes, then you can conclude “a Daniel is here to deliver”, then you will look no further and give him all the support he needs to turn the Constituency around, 8 years is not 8 hours to lose. Calculate 8 hours lost and contrast with 8 years and see we have reasons to make hays while the sun shines.

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By Amos Kalu
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