Guinea Bissau: The Secret Behind Domingos Simões Pereira’s Rigging Plans Busted


Guinea Bissau: It is very unfortunate that while the world is progressing, Africans has decided, chosen and vowed never to leave the dark ages of everything thing negative at whatever cost to the generality of the people. It is sad to say that a country like Guinea Bissau of over 50 years with one party ruling them since the 90s has continued to solely demand on other countries like Senegal, Angola and Portugal for anything and everything, yet Domingos Simões Pereira want the status quo to stand by all means.

This year, there was an alliance geared towards having a paradigm shift to give the republic an opportunity to have a new leave of life that may usher in new ideas that will progress her and give better opportunity to true independence and freedom because it is one thing to be proclaimed independent and it is another to be free. Evidentially, RGB  is presumed independent but not free.

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The only method the colonial masters has continued to rule Africa indirectly is constant recruitment of few greedy, visionless and unfocused African Leaders (Sic) who have continued to play henchmen for the masters without recourse to their nation just for their own gains. Domingos S. Pierre represent this crop of leaders in Guinea Bissau.

Having lost all popularity and support of the masses during the campaigns, the only option that became available to him was to resort to rigging and manipulation of the outcome of the election because the powers behind him expects him to be president by all means to recover the money invested in his inducement spree. 

But unfortunately for them, the plot and agreement he had with the Electoral Chairman Juiz Jose Pedro Sambu, have been leaked by a citizens in  his camp that do not believe in their ideology but had possibly collected money to betray their parties but ended up betraying DSP.

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This singular action as planned by DSP and Juiz Jose Pedro Sambu is capable of plunging Guinea Bissau into endless but avoidable crisis and therefore the ECOWAS and stakeholders of this republic should prevail on them to allow a free and fair election to hold so that the people will choose by their conviction. 

DSP should not be desperate to be in power and should therefore not do anything that will put Guinea Bissau on the path of crisis brewed by greed and served in contempt.

The audio making this revelation will be ready soon.

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