AB-SAS: Abia State launches State of the art security App for Free Download. Follow Link.


In this era of information technology and security consciousness, as usual, Abia State has become one of the first states to launch a state-of-the-art security mobile application that is targeted at ensuring that security becomes everyone’s business with a click away on your smartphone.

This special Mobile App known as AB-SAS (Abia Safety Alert System) is a;

➢ Mobile Application.

➢ It enhances the effective and efficient delivery of the statutory functions of frontline Security, Personnel, Agents, and Agencies in Abia State.

➢ Aids Credible Intelligence Gathering.

➢ Facilitates Quick Emergency Reporting.


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➢ Facilitates Prompt Response to Emergencies, including Medical.

➢ Available to all Abia Citizens & Residents at no cost (totally free).

➢ It is User Friendly.

➢ Improves Public Safety and Security.

➢ A veritable and effective tool for public safety.

➢ Encourages Public Security participation and awareness.

➢ Encourages the transmission of vital & Credible security/safety information between Frontline Security Personnel, Agents & Agencies in Abia State and Users.

➢ Deepens citizens’ confidence in Abia State Government.

➢ Drives a more proactive response to the approach by Abia State Government to safety and security issues.


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The App Features Includes;

➢ SOS Trigger with Geo Location, Image, Voice and Video Capture Feature.

➢ Quick access to the Nearest Security Patrol Operatives, Units and Offices via Geolocator.

➢ Vehicle/Property Security against theft such as Mobile Phones, Laptops, Household Equipment etc.

➢ Location-based incident mapping.

➢ Information Notice Board for Emergency Numbers, Security Alert, Public Awareness, Citizen Education, Events/Announcements etc.

➢ Location-based Notifications and Alert System.

➢ Periodic Incident Report generation.

➢ Can function Online and Offline.

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The multiplier benefits include:

➢ Dissemination of prompt alerts on suspicious activities, emergencies, civil unrest, vandalism, fire incidence, accident, robbery, stolen vehicle, kidnapping, medical emergencies etc.

➢ Quick dissemination of credible & vital information, alerts or warning to users which could be location-based.

➢ Automatic report generation and incident mapping.

➢ Helps in the Administration of security/safety issues and allocation of resources/manpower to areas of interest.

➢ Helps government in dispelling rumours.

➢ Brings the Frontline Security Personnel, Agents/Agencies closer to citizens.

➢ Facilitate easy reporting of emergencies such as Civil Unrest, Vandalism, Kidnapping, Robbery, Stolen Vehicle Fire Incidence, Accident etc.

It can be installed from the Google play store, by searching “Abia ABSAS” or simply FOLLOW THIS LINK to Download.

Users are able to:

• Trigger SOS

• File Reports

• Locate Nearby Units

• Verify Security Officers

• Create Property Profile

• Create Vehicle Profile

• Verify Vehicle/Property

• Receive e-notices

• Update Profile

You can download via our customized link @http://bit.ly/absasabia

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By Comr Amos Kalu

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