Abam People Take Heart, I Share In Your Pains, Nkole Is Not The Messiah – Ike Okorafor

OHAFIA-TV News | Abam People Take Heart, I Share In Your Pains, Nkole Is Not The Messiah - Ike Okorafor


Abam is one of the clans that make up Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency. Abam is one of the aggrarian centres in South East Nigeria that ranks second only to Aba in terms of economic potentials. Abam is a home to many political big wigs who has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the clan in all sectors of the economy.

For instance, Abam clan will never forget the likes of Chief S. N. Okpi and the Oreh’s family who recognised the facts that charity begins at home by using their position to attract monumental projects in the area that has stand the test of time. Abam will never forget the Okpi for taking the responsibility of beautifying the clan with Electricity among others.

During 2015 general elections, when an Abam son, Hon. Uko Nkole emerged successfully as the House of Representatives member, Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency, they were jubilations with the hope that Nkole will be the messiah of Abam and will not only bring dividends of democracy but will write his name on the sands of time.

However, it’s most disappointing that, NKOLE is not the Messiah but has disappointed and failed the entire clan.

I am an illustrious son of Abam, who loves my community and worked towards the successful election of Hon. Uko Nkole. No one should claim more Nkole than me because he is my brother and I have known him even before he ventured into politics. We have dined and wined together and formed one of his formidable team that stood firmly to ensure his successful emergence as a federal lawmaker from Abam origin.

I worked assiduously and gave my unalloyed supports to his ambition including other Patriotic Abamites.

I was nearly murdered by a trigger happy soldier in Central School, Ozu Abam during the 2015 election of Hon. Nkole. Just because, I was trying to defend the mandate of my brother.

If the happy trigger soldier had wasted my life in 2015, what would have become the fate of my family? Nkole would have as well abandoned my family just like he has abandoned others who has truthfully shown him enormous supports.

To put the facts right, Nkole has no regards for anyone! Except when he want to use you to achieve his mischievous ambitions and desires.

What baffled me was why Nkole changed to people’s enemy when he finally won his 2015 election including his second term bid.

It’s so excruciating to let you know that, Nkole has neither empower nor regarded any of the boys and the girls who risk their lives to defend him.

  1. Nkole abandoned even the closest people to him. Cyril Ndukwe of blessed memory died mysteriously while serving his master, Uko Nkole.
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“Can Uko Nkole boldly come out to tell the world how he has supported Cyril’s family? Rather, the wife and the children fight tooth and nail just to have a meal for the day.

  1. Ifeanyi Umere is another Uko’s scapegoat. Ifeanyi risk his life to protect Uko’s mandate but instead of being rewarded, Nkole disgraced and frustrated his life. Nkole in his usual heartless attitude threw Umere out like a homeless chicken in his Umuahia residence.

Despite Ifeanyi Umere’s offfense, Uko shouldn’t have treated him like a trash taking cognizance of the facts that Umere stood for his election.

All thanks to our former Governor and now the Senator Representing Abia Central, Senator T. A. Orji who did not only intervene but meaningfully engaged Umere. Umere is not only doing well, but has risen to power and influence and engaging our youths through the TA Orji’s magnanimity.

  1. I have the lists of people that has diligently sacrificed their time, energy and resources to serve Nkole, but has resigned and painfully left out of sheer frustrations and suppression meted on them by Nkole.

~ Have you taken your time to ask yourself, why did they leave despite serving him for many years?

~ How many people that has served Uko will boast of being made by him?

Remember, you can’t be a success without successors. All that has served and still serving Nkole are languishing in pains because of his self centeredness and none regards to human being.

  1. Abam has ten abandoned projects by Uko Nkole! We have the list and at the appropriate time a documentary would be published to that effect.
  2. I am not saying Nkole is no longer my brother or my leader! But politically he has failed. Like I said earlier, You cannot be a success without successors. Tell me one person that can say if not for Nkole? Except some people who were giving a Federal minimum wage appointment even though some had to pay for it.

He has insulted many, stepped on the toes of many stakeholders with his arrogant behavior and the cause of the political fracas and enemity among the party faithful in his LGA, Arochukwu.

  1. Again, even the few he facilitated their political appointments , do they look like people who has worked for the State? Some of them are worst financially than they were before taking the appointments.
  2. Nkole has less than 800 days to retire and end his tenure as a Federal Lawmaker. Whether he is vying to be used by the NGWA people as a Deputy Gubernatorial aspirant, I don’t care.
  3. Whether he is vying to be the Governorship aspirant come 2023, nobody cares. All I care for is for him to mend the broken hearts, treat people with respect, attract projects that will better the lives of his Constituents especially, his village, Abam.
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I had thought he was the messiah which informed my position to support and defend his actions but when my eyes were opened to reality, I realized he is deceiving and fooling everyone.

I have to say the truth. He can’t do anything for me. I don’t need his assistance. And if you think you can’t say the truth because he will do anything for you bros! Go examine your head. He will not do anything for you and we must condemn his attrocity and self centered leadership. You have no hope working for Nkole, he will use and dump you like others without you achieving anything and have something to fall back at.

Suffice it to say that, Nkole likes rewarding his enemies and those that didn’t work for him; and abandon his loyalists.

If he changes tomorrow, I will work with him again but with this style, it is impossible for men of good conscience to keep quiet.

It will take Abam 16 years to produce another House of Representatives member. Meaning, no man can do for us what Uko could not do for us now that he is still in power. Hence, why I have to speak up.

I am not fighting my elder brother Nkole, but I want him to help our people now that he still have time. I am not looking for any appointment. I am contented with what God has blessed me with and will continue to do my best to bring succour to the needy and contribute to the betterment of my village, Abam through my Foundation.

Finally, Uko Nkole is not God, he cannot arrogate to himself the power to decide who gets what and how! If others are scared of telling him the truth, I, Prince Ike Okorafor will say it and heaven will not fall .Even if you kill the messenger would you also kill the message? Would that make you immortal? Every man shall die someday! I’m not afraid of Nkole.

~ Prince Ike Okorafor

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