Abia State and the politics of Media stampede, an unacceptable error – Pt 1

SunnyChuks Isaac

One thing I have come to understand about the present Abia State government and her methods aimed at covering the abysmal performance we have witnessed in the past 6 years is to recruit a regiment of jobless youths that have come to classify themselves as media Practitioners, (at least they feel so within themselves). And to give value and credence to their henchman jobs, they are called Aides to “His Excellency” to give them sense of duty and belonging.

But I am not perturbed by their antics as I will continue to call spade a spade at any point in time. Abia State has lagged behind in every sense of the word “behind”, not even a platoon of self-aclaimed Praise singers in the corridors of power can change that fact, especially considering realities on ground.

The reason for acquiring education in the first place is to cultivate the ability to discern between good and evil and correct it where necessary, therefore any man who feel within himself that he is enlightened because he can put note in black and white to defend failure and stampede dissidents voices into submission, is within the purview of reasonable persons “an educated illiterate”.

That said, I will try my best to stay on course of my submissions without any fear or favour and without sounding biased as a result of the expected attacks from “Government Hallelujah Boys and Attack Dogs” littered on social media, the least I can do is to ignore them like the hirelings they are.

For avoidance of doubt, I am from Igbere and reside in Lagos, I don’t know the man called Chief Ndukwe Iko until I read a personal attack on him by a government expert propagandist who happened to come from same Ohafia as him. I went to dig up the post that warranted such response and it got me wondering and concluding that our silence has made these boys to belief every Abian to be foolish and scared of their approach of insult and attacks. This must’ve warranted the loathsome reply from the “Choir leader of the government attack dogs”, but he’s mistaken, as he just resurrected an Army of youths that must speak up against their lies at all times.

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This is more so because I recall that same person repeatedly termed my on-the-spot report of condition of Abia roads around Ngwa Road and Ahia Ohuru as photoshopped even with video evidence. This is a manner I found repulsive and annoying to say the least.

I have been a Chief critic of Buhari’s government and I also hold Chief Iko culpable for not speaking up against Buhari so far, but I don’t think that all he said about Abia State is wrong to warrant personal attack from his own brother whom most funny people have feebly submitted that he was doing his job as Governor’s Aide, but they failed to remind him that there’s time to put a fine line between doing his job and personal attacks on contrary opinionists. Buhari, Atiku, Otti, Ogah, etc had lost elections at one point or other in the history of Nigeria politics, but I didn’t know that in Abia State, losing election once (or being rigged out of an election once) is a yardstick to measure success, even when the man you insult is 100 miles ahead of you and in same class with your principal who may not as a person deem it dignifying to haul personal insult over a civil matter.

It is a big shame to know that the attack dogs of Governor Ikpeazu think that they should be competion in failure, hence anytime you remind the government of her failed responsibility to Abians, they remind you how Buhari has failed as if Ebonyi, Rivers, Akwa Ibom etc are in the USA. Yet they forget that there’s no place for competition to be second best when every resources are at your disposal to perform above board like every other state. We did not elect Ikpeazu to watch Buhari fail or to compete with him in failure, we elected him to bring Abia State out of economic and infrastructural chaos.

I must also acknowledge that Governor Ikpeazu is a good man with good intent for Abia State, but who happened never to this extent told Abians why he has performed bellow our expectations. At least Senator T. A. Orji had the boldness in those days to tell us that Dr Orji Uzor Kalu and his mother prevented him from delivering and we all sympathized with him. Let OVI overlook these praise singers and come clean to tell us who is holding him from performing and we will sympathize with him.

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Let me also warn that using attack dogs and Hallelujah boys to beat us into line in Abia State will no longer work as it is old fashioned. Henceforth I am poised to continue to pour out evidence to dissect the feeble defences submitted by them while leave them to their duty of insulting their elder brothers in the name of defending the government.

I also observed with dismay that the attack dogs were more than I suspected from how they attacked me for telling one of them the truth as if it will change the realities Abians are made to face on daily basis.

I have picked my pen, I will be dishing out evidence to buttress why most of the boys intimidating us to keep mute over the state of Abia should hide their faces in shame.


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