ABIA STATE AT A CROSSROAD IN 2019 – Hon. Tony Kalu Speaks

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The first time I met Governor Okezie Ikpeazu was shortly after my local government chairmanship bid for Arochukwu LGA. The meeting was brief but productive, I came away encouraged by the meekness and God fearing demeanor transmitting from this fairly new Governor that is faced with enormous task of not only building Abia but must rekindle it’s economic engine which is Aba to a global standard that it should be.

I wish I could tell you that was his only battle but it wasn’t, H.E. Dr Ikpeazu, a talented multi task professor, while conducting the people’s business as the Executive Governor, was also fending of a barrage of legal attacks designed to cripple his brand new government. 

On this 31st day of December 2018, as I reflect on the state and condition of Abia state before the next election, let me tell you a little bit about this Jolly good fellow of a governor Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu and why I believe he will win re-election in flying colors even though am not expecting the election to be a cakewalk due to mendacious propaganda which is the order of the day in our politics.
Not long after he was elected, Governor Ikpeazu took a trip to the United States of America to introduce himself and felicitate with his constituency, the good people of Abia in America. I was in NYC at a time like many Abians, I was excited and eager to meet our dear new Governor. To my greatest surprise, there weren’t a lot of people present to see him, in fact most of the few who came-by were impatient and left even before the Governor was available to see them due to earlier guest. The grudge was that he’s the governor for the Ngwas. Anybody would be offended but he wasn’t, he focused of doing the work of all Abias as the father of the entire state. Today when Governor Ikpeazu visits USA everyone is struggling to get to his hotel or any venue he will be attending just to get a glimpse of him, why because he has proven himself worthy and has proven the naysayers wrong. 
While we welcome every qualified political opponent to the contest, my hope is that we exercise our democratic rights within the confines of the rule of law. We must abstain from all manner of violence and conduct ourselves with dignity and respect for one another.


There are long lists of achievements that can be attributed to Governor Ikpeazu either directly or indirectly, but I am going to speak on just three for now.

There’s no doubt that oppositions of the administration is not interested in giving the governor any type of credit on his achievements, even when it stares them in the face. For example, it will be nice if Dr Alex Otti could bring himself to say “well this road am traveling on done by Governor Ikpeazu is good oh but not perfect oh” just once in a while, it will go a long way to enhance his own credibility, but I know my brother from Arochukwu will never do that due to politics of bitterness. I watched a video of him speaking to traders who where victims of fire at Ariaria market, instead of consoling the heart-broken business-owners Dr Alex Otti stoop to playing politics of blame game against the Governor, claiming lack of road was the cause of the fire damages. That wasn’t maturity and neither was it compassionate. When a politician does not have anything to run on, he will show you whom to run from, but our people can not be deceived.

It will also be nice if our brother Dr Uche S. Ogah who’s a business man can sometimes admit that there’s been significant progress made in the area of publicizing the made in Aba products and the entire Enyimba city, by this Governor.

Finally, I wish the great people of Abia state can just for once block out all the political background noise and ask this simple question, WHAT IF WE DID NOT HAVE AN INTELLIGENT COOL CALM COLLECTIVE INDIVIDUAL AS GOVERNOR ON THE DAY OF PYTHON DANCE, WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED, HOW MANY LIVES COULD WE HAVE LOST, HOW LONG WOULD THE MAYHEM LASTED, A WEEK, A MONTH, A YEAR? We don’t know, and that’s the known unknown Governor Okezie Ikpeazu saved Abians from and we are truly grateful.

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So ladies and gentlemen at this defining moment when we finally got the state moving in the right direction under the leadership of our amiable Governor, we do not need to change horse while the race is in progress, we do not need to change the winning team, we don’t need instability or try any applicant who will set us backwards.

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has accomplished a lot for Abians and still has a lot more to do, for example, the administration was very instrumental in bringing a seize fire in Isu kingdom conflict with their neighboring town in Cross River, I am sure the Governor will Appoint a capable and compassionate indigene of Isu kingdom to help with bringing a permanent but lasting peace to the region so the the Iheosu village can go back to their homes and their lives before the next farm season. 
“Okuko si na ya boro gaa azu, boro gaa ihu, wee hu na nke di na ihu ka.”

Therefore ladies and gentlemen on behalf of my people Isu kingdom( Isu Okeke) and the great and wise people of Arochukwu LGA I hereby give my full throttle endorsement to our able Governor Dr Okezie victor Ikpeazu and his able and loyal deputy governor Rt Hon Ude Oko Chukwu for a well deserved second term as the executive governor and deputy governor of Abia state.

I will be on ground working with my structure Abia Generation Next (AGN) to make our dream a reality.

May God Bless Abia state and all who loves her both home and abroad Amen.

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