ABOMINATION: A man impregnated his 13-year-old daughter he had with his sister 13 years earlier

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Ugochukwu Nwonwu, a native of Umuokwenuta Isingwu in Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State, is currently on the run after he was discovered to have raped and impregnated his 13-year-old daughter.

Ugochukwu who is said to be in his thirties, was recently discovered to have put his 13-year-old daughter in the family way. What is most shocking is that the teenage girl is a product of an incestous relationship Ugochukwu had with his cousin many years ago.

Ugochukwu’s brother, Chukwunyere, who spoke with The Sun, said Ugochukwu had an affair with their cousin, the daughter of their father’s brother 16 years ago. The secret affair led to the birth of a set of twin girls. When their affair came to light, the couple insisted they were in love and must get married. This caused a serious fight in their family as everyone insisted it was a taboo in their culture. The lovers continued their affair and had another girl who Ugochukwu has gotten pregnant.

Ugochukwu was made to get married to another lady from the Orlu area of Imo State who had three children for him, two boys and a girl.

According to Chukwunyere, Ugochukwu recently travelled to Abuja and brought the young girl to come and stay with his family in the village on the pretence that she was on holiday. Little did people know, that he brought her so he can continue having sex with his own daughter.

Ugochukwu’s act of violation his own daughter came to light when his wife caught him pants down.

Chukwunyere said himself and the village Chairman accompanied by some members of his executive committee went to Sure Word International Church, near the popular former Crusader Secondary School, now Community Secondary School, Isingwu, to meet Ugochukwu’s wife where she repeated all that she told him initially.

When the young girl was asked what happened, she not only confirmed that her father had abused her sexually but even revealed that it was not his first time of raping her. According to the victim, her father started ‘touching and using’ her in Abuja when she was 10 years old. She disclosed that she had reported the violation to her mother who confronted her father when it started; the issue caused serious friction between them before they later settled it.

Her mother was then informed of the incident and she travelled down to Umuahia from her Abuja base, took the girl to a laboratory where result of pregnancy test conducted was positive.

Ugochukwu who fled the village immediately his evil act came to light, has been barnished for 10 years from the community.

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