AFRICAN FEMINISTS are destroying more than they can fix.

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Feminism is a quest for political movements, ideologies , and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes.

Feminism is campaigning for women’s rights , including:
1. The right to vote,
2. To hold public office,
3. To work,
4. To earn fair wages or equal pay,
5. To own property,
6. To receive education,
7. To enter contracts,
*8. To have ‘equal rights within marriage’,
9. To have maternity leave and
10. Protect women and girls from rape, sexual harassment, and domestic violence.

I have no problem with any of the objectives above except No. 8.

Let’s talk about the ‘Equal Rights Within Marriage’. Can any feminist enlighten us more on this number eight, particularly?

(Readers may also help us by mentioning Feminists they know to help educate us on this post)

Equal-rights-within-marriage. (ERWM)
I’ve randomly heard African feminists condemning:
i. Woman kneeling to serve her husband drink in traditional marriage.
ii. Paying of bride price
iii. Wives being submissive to the leadership of men in a relationship.
iv. Cooking or managing homes
v. Obedience to husbands…

Today, the most disturbing issue among African feminists within the circle of ERWM is their kick against Submission or Obedience to their men; and I’ve been struggling to accept their reasons.

I do believe in equality of human. My wife is not my property, rather my partner in marriage. I am married to her as much as she is married to me. I don’t take decision alone, she must be fully aware, understand and accept before I could conclude on anything. And I see her as an independent free person who can make personal choices. I hate to hear husbands saying “in my own house?” wrong, marriage gave her the right to own the house with you. That’s such a shameful thing to say.


But in every union, someone has to lead. It is a natural law. It is either you as a woman is asking to lead the family or you are not; nothing like equality in marriage. In every gathering there must be a leader who prevail in decision making. Not because they’re most intelligent or strong, but for progress.

Women have their nature. Men have theirs. Women naturally need to be protected, by men. Even the feminists enjoy ‘women first’. So what’s the big deal about submitting to a man’s headship? There are types of marriages and relationships one can enter to eschew submission to a leader… It now appears like women are in a gender war with men, more like hatred.

Men bow to elders, they shake their elders with two hands. Young boys bow to elders in greeting, whether men or women. People stand up in meetings to welcome their chairman, no matter the age or gender. Why then is it a big deal to give a one legged kneel or squat for your family head?

Ike Ekweremadu’s wife was criticised by feminists for stooping to greet Goodluck Jonathan who visited her home…

An apprentice feminist went to her fiancé family house, her mother Inlaw asked for her assistance in the kitchen, she let her down and walked away. She then come one facebook to celebrate the action with her fellow feminists. Men do help their father In-laws with errands; it’s no big deal.

What are feminists really asking from Equal Right Within Marriage? I need to be schooled.

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Okechukwu, Moses.


We have 7.8Billion people on this planet earth.

Women = 5.6Billion
Men = 2.2Billion

So, you see my sister think twice before giving attitudes to any man because out of the 2.2 Billion men:

• One billion are married already.

• 130,000 are in the prison.

• 70,000 are mentally ill.

That means that we have just 1 billion men available for marriage and out of the

• 50% are jobless
• 3% are gay
• 5% are Catholic Priests
• 10% are your relatives
• 35% are above 66years

So, ladies both the married and singles, you have to rethink before practicing unreasonable feminism!

Source: United Nations

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