Last night as I watched on Channels TV as Nigerians were being airlifted from South Africa in response to Xenophobic attacks, I could not control tears running down my cheeks.

First, I saw the South Aftican woman married to one of the Nigerians who had to leave for fear of being killed. I saw the sincerity of her expression under cover, that Nigerian husbands are better family men than others. I saw as she submitted to fate in what has become a scenario of dog eat dog.

Cosmos Ndukwe Ph.D – MANofGOD

I watched as the Nigerians forced to leave South Africa sang the National Anthem in a manner that evoked strong feelings. Many other thoughts ran riots in my mind. I thought of the great spirit of compassion that moved the Chief Executive Officer of Air Peace Allen Onyema. I also thought of the many others apart from the 187 who were successfully airlifted.

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In all of these, I saw opposite of humanity (Xenophobia) and genuine humanity being demonstrated by our brother Onyema. He was moved by humanity. He was moved by the need for us to live for each other. He was moved to save Nigerians in South Africa from being annihilated from the entire surface of the earth.

I remembered my bible verses on obedience and sacrifice. I remembered the need for us to preach by caring more than the next person. For those who still think the story of Xenophobic attacks in South Africa is a ruse, let them listen to the lamentations of the SA woman whose Nigerian husband escaped being killed after several attempts.

Beyond the kneel to hazard guess, we need to encourage Operators of Air Peace. It is obvious that there are many more than 187 persons desiring to return to Nigeria. Air Peace may not do this alone, Airpeace need to go back once more.

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Where are the others who live and breathe charity? Where are the other many billionaires who also operate eight private or commercial airlines? Where are the kindhearted business men and professionals? Humanity has neither color, ethnic group, religion nor party or profession. We need to demonstrate the teachings on love and sacrifice which we had been exposed to these years. We need to save Nigerians in South Africa from the suffocating threat of extinction.

Let the Opertors of Air Peace make available to the public, their corporate account to enable others contribute to this lofty idea, whose major objective is to serve humanity.

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I am committed to this cause to the tune of N500,000.00 (Fuve hundred thousand naira) and would encourage others to queue behind Allen Onyema and his Air Peace. There is no other way to be your brother’s keeper than to identify with a worthy cause that would lift the next person.

May all those who lost their lives to the senseless killing targeted at Nigerians in Sourh Africa find eternal rest. May all of us who have been made ‘casualties’ directly or indirectly be inspired to do more for humanity.

Cosmos Ndukwe Ph.D

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