Watch Video of Young Akobundu who used local materials to fabricate a power-bike.

Akobundu Kenneth

His name is Akobundu Kenneth from Ehime Mbano in Imo State, a secondary school leaver with passion for science and technology, which has activated his creative nature to produce a power-bike from locally sourced materials.

While for many reasons best known to successive Nigerian Governments, they have continued to avoid exploiting the talents scattered in the nation, many youths have continued to beat the odds to prove what they can do in creativity if they had the enabling environment to operate.

It is a very big shame that after Biafra was able to refine oil, produce tanks, produce bombs, produce fighter planes and other wonder ingenuity within three years of horrible civil war, the Nigeria government has not find it beneficial to exploit that ingenuity because of ethnic bigotry that has continued to make Nigeria crawl after 60 years of independence.

A writer said “In Biafra, Africa died”, and this has remained the only truth that has continued to hold Nigeria down, but I am proud that countries like Rwandan are changing the narratives.


This is an eye opener to all, especially the Nigerian leadership that, unless they leave tribalism and encourage bubbling talents in the areas of creativity and manufacturing, Nigeria will be too far away from developing as a nation, let alone develop potentials of her youths.

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