My good people of Arochukwu,

prince-erMy Name is PRINCE ERIC ASO KALU, the Chairman of Peak Foundation – a foundation that has positively imparted in the lives of many people in Nigeria and abroad. I am here to do more by the grace of Almighty God.

prince-eI present myself in humility to serve my people with diligence, dedication and dignity (DDD). I am a candidate contesting the chairmanship of our dear Arochukwu Local Government Area and I running under the flag of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in the forthcoming local government elections in Abia State scheduled for December, 2016 – God willing.

Let us keep in mind that there is always the time to make the right choices when we can because certain opportunities do not present themselves at all times. Therefore the time to choose is now, the time to make a stand for the right position in now. The time to pull ourselves together to make the needed difference is now and its importance cannot be overemphasized.

My cardinal target is to make the life of the people of Arochukwu more viable, reasonable, and truly achievable and undeniably better, as much as I can by:

  • Offering you freshness in Governance
  • All inclusive government at the grassroots
  • Integrity and accountability and
  • Development at its peak

As chairman, I will give remarkable infrastructural revolution and I will empower our women and our youths through acquisition of skills and entrepreneurial capacity development to drive home the impact of true democracy to my people.

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princeI am aware that things are difficult and tough for us today as a result of the Nigerian economic recession occasioned by many factors beyond our immediate control. But be rest assured that it is the more reason why we cannot afford to gamble with our future. That is why I need your vote to steer the boat in the right direction as we work together to achieve sufficiency within our local government so that we can feed ourselves and feed others because despite all these challenges, I see huge opportunities for us as a people! I believe that we can rise above our current challenges and make Arochukwu a truly prosperous L G A that will benefit all of us.

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At critical time like this, we need a leader with integrity, expertise and experience in solving complex economic problems and by the grace of God that is what I have done all my life.
My appeal is for you to come out enmasse to vote for PDP so that together we can CHANGE THE CHANGE, we can build Arochukwu of Our Dream; a modern and progressive LGA where every citizen is empowered with opportunity to live life to its fullness.

Finally, I want to reiterate that my ambition – or that of any person – is not worth the blood of any Arochukwu citizen. So, I implore all and sundry to eschew violence and go about the electioneering process peacefully.

There is always victory for everybody.

God bless you all.
God bless Abia State

God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria


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