Arochukwu Chronicles of political violence: Uloh George, ‘New Kingpin in town’ Pt 1.

OHAFIA-TV News | Arochukwu Chronicles of political violence: Uloh George, 'New Kingpin in town' Pt 1.

By Kelechi Amah, Arochukwu

After last December 2020, Chairmanship and Councilorship elections in Abia, reports of rigging, manipulation and intrigues were reported in many LGAs, especially against the ruling party, PDP, but that was not unexpected, given the political culture of Nigeria where the loser losses all while the winner take everything home, we moved on, but the case of Arochukwu in Arochukwu LGA presented a different coloration replete with intrigues of violence and more violence even long after the election had come and gone.

When on 31st January, 2021, Abia State Online Media Publishers, an umbrella body of online media practitioners issued a press statement in response to, and in demand for an apology from one Mr. Chidi Okoronkwo, who threatened one of their member, the publisher of NewsLeverage, we decided to dig into the matter to understand why the threat of violence was given to a media practitioner over a report that has undeniable evidencee, we stumbled unto a more grievous act of political desperation and what we unveiled is what we present here.
Please we crave your indulgence to read with patience.

According to OHAFIA-TV News findings after communicating with people on ground, eyewitnesses and, as well putting calls through to numbers of victims to corroborate the stories obtained by our correspondents on ground, we can authoritatively state that the facts presently hereof were done without bias, prejudice or apology to anyone because our main purpose is to let the world understand the goings-on.

George onwumere Uloh (aka- Amani) the current PDP councillor for Arochukwu ward 3 is from Asaga Village Arochukwu. He has been exhibiting the character of a new kid in block who wishes to reshape the political structure of Arochukwu through voilence, intimidation and any other form of exhibitions that can cow any opposition into submission. The aftermath of this legacy is what we see is the many gory images of voilence attached in this post.

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In a video we obtained from witnesses, Uloh George and his loyalists (whom the people allege to be his Aromate cult group), took a deadly action in Amuvi Village against Mrs Azubuike the APC councillorship candidate for Aro ward 3, while election was going on.

OHAFIA-TV News | Arochukwu Chronicles of political violence: Uloh George, 'New Kingpin in town' Pt 1.
George Onwumere Uloh (aka Amani)

Then the next day, 19th December, he still went back to Amuvi with his boys (aromates) and burnt many houses, looting and destroying valuables worth millions, including an event center, a Beverages Depot, and a church was burnt after looting.

Since this January, George alongside his loyal boys has continued to carry out more acts of violence, looting and destruction of properties against the community leaders in Asaga Village, Arochukwu.

Because the Asaga community leaders met with the Amuvi community leaders and the two communities came to the understanding that they have no problems and there will be no problems between the two communities, but that the individuals involved in the violence and other crimes should be brought to book to face the law.

Hence the Mr George now channelled his aggressions against the Asaga village leaders. Trying so hard with further violence to pitch Asaga against Amuvi village where he on the 18th of December while the LGA election was going on, destroyed many houses and looted huge amount of cash, phones and various valuables.

The affected places include Ego Bekee Events Center, Amuvi Arochukwu, a betnaija office, and we learnt that everything that was looted were handed over to the councilor, George Onwumere Uloh (Amani).

The Betnaija office was robbed on gunpoints and other dangerous weapons, over fifty (50) phones and cash was looted during this violent crimes on the election day.

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Meanwhile before and during the PDP LGA primaries, George’s boys attacked and injured many PDP stakeholders in the town including the PDP LGA Party Deputy Chairman Mr Friday Francis Okoro and one Mazi Okereke Chima who contested against him in the primaries.
One Awolo (B.O.T) a strong member and a leader of Hon Nkole’s structure was attacked and many more.

Before and During the primaries, members of Hon Nkole’s political structure in Arochukwu were mostly targeted.

This points to the reality of the war of supremacy for control of political structures of Arochukwu LGA through every means possible even if outside the legal ambit of the law.

OHAFIA-TV News also inquired to know the role of the government so far, the efforts put in place to checkmate the excesses of the “New Kingpin” in town. We learnt that no arrest has been made which poses the question of “what is holding the security agencies from arresting the situation, could it be that politicians are manupulating the investigations?”

A Crises that started since December and up till now no arrest has been made, not minding the numerous police entries, and petitions submitted. why?

In Part 2 of our Chronicles of voilence, we shall unveiled roles played by these political gladiators to fuel the festering political violence is the once peaceful Arochukwu LGA.

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