Atiku: To tackle poverty, we must empower women


By Comr. Amos Kalu

Former Nigeria Vice President and Presidential hopeful of the impending 2019 general election in Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has made a striking statement during his briefing at the Chattern House going on in London.

He says that he has a strong believe that the best solution to tackling poverty that has continued to impoverish Nigerians is to empower her women. In order words, women empowerment will be one of his cardinal focus as the Nigerian President from 2019.

This statement is not far from a popular saying that “If you want to build a nation, educate the women”

One then begins to wonder where this power of women to change lie? To answer that, Atiku further gives practical examples to buttress his point and bring out the underlaying meaning to this statement.

“I was brought up by a woman because my father died when I very young, maybe less than 10. As a result, my mother was the one that nurtured me till I become what I am today.

“Years back, I set up a microfinance bank and instructed that 80% of their loan should go to women. Through this medium, we have been able to bring over 45,000 families out of poverty.

“We have upto 98% of recovery of loans given to women. If you give a woman N100, she will invest the money into her business and return the principal”

From these practical examples, it is right to conclude that saving the Nation from poverty squarely lies in the ability of the leadership of our country to find it a priority to invest in women as the only panacea to a prosperous and guaranteed future.

Recall that Alhaji Atiku has consistently maintained that Nigeria’s major problem is the inability of her leadership to address poverty and unemployment because a country where her citizens consistently lose jobs must brace for all forms of social vices.

This is the best opportunity for Nigerians if they can bank on the man with the right prerequisites needed to steer the sinking Nigeria back to the pathway of even development, a quality Atiku can be said to be tested and trusted.


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