Atikulated Agenda Boss Hits Hard at “Political Harlots and Flirts” destroying Nigeria

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Press Statement – 20/8/2019

The DG, Atkulated Agenda Worldwide and Global Initiative for Good Governance (GIGG), Chief Dr. Emeka C. Kalu, has hit hard on a group of people he has come to term as “Political Harlots and Flirts”, owing to their inability to exhibit stability and consistency in their political inclination and commitments.

In Statement signed by his aide on media and publicity, Comr Amos Kalu, the DG said that these set of people have remained the main cause of political instability bedeviling Nigeria as they cannot be trusted with loyalty to either party or the nation, saying they are loyal only to their desires and political gains accruing from the woes of the nation for which they claim to love and serve her interest. They are the virus, the cankerworms eating up the roots and genes of our democracy because their mission is just to “to Kill, to steal, destroy and decamp”.

“They are fair weather politicians who move with the wind of happenstances and never stand trying times for any reason. They play the mole in Nigeria politics and pitch leaders against presumed enemies in the guise of followership, forgetting that their saboteur roles have continued to destroy the nation and cripple our democracy.

“I will never mince my words for them. They are the evil rain that beats no good”

Dr. Kalu said his anger was hinged on the actions of supposed followers of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar who abandoned boat when he did not come through immediately after 23rd February, 2019 general election. He said that some of the most trusted supporters that benefited directly from Atiku abandoned him so soon that you will begin to wonder if they were ever with him in the first place or was it just because of what they wanted to get out of him.

“Realizing that we invested our own recourses and time without getting support from Alhaji Atiku because we believed in what he stands for and how he will steer Nigeria to the path of true democracy and development.

“Realizing also that even when the going got tough, we stayed back and keep investing and believing no matter the outcome Atiku is the solution we need. It then gets annoying that when they realized that Atiku is coming through, folks who had abandoned the project started reopening new groups and now talking about Atiku, these set of folks  got attached to this projects because of financial gains, I pray that the party leadership. Identify such hoodlums who are now chanting Atiku because they see he is coming.

“Where have they been since after the election? Why are they pestering him again all of a sudden?

“I am not pushing any person away, but they were people who are dedicated and remained dedicated with their own personal resources without any help from the campaign organization or any one, this is what is called party man and loyalty. Good Party man swims against the tide and ride with the winds and never fair weather follower” He said.

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