Babalele Continued Detention: How did we get to this crossroad – Kalu

OHAFIA-TV News - Endless Updates; Unbiased | Babalele Continued Detention: How did we get to this crossroad – Kalu

The continued detention of Alh Atiku’s Finance Director and son-law, Mr Abdulahi Babalele has continued to generate misgiving and questions bordering on the basis for his arrest, owing to the reason that the said “corruption fight” of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari have been exposed for what it really is, caught under the crossfire of double-standard and insincerity employed with the cruel tool of  “intimidation and witch-hunting” of dissenting voices in Nigeria, especially those that have remained courageous enough not to swallow the bitter pills of impunity, oppression and highhandedness offered to Nigerians on platter of “integrity.”

The Director General, Atikulated Agenda Worldwide, Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu has in a statement signed by his aide on media and publicity, Comr. Amos Kalu, decried what he has termed as ‘wickedness of man to fellow man’

“At this point in the life of our nation, one do not know what next to expect because the law controlling Nigeria now is whatever our president or the cabals wake up in the morning to “DECREE”, and this has become more worrisome because we are under a supposed democracy that was bought at costly price with sacrifices of patriots who laid down their all, including the lives of some, to ensure we enjoy the beauty of freedom.

“But it has become so unfortunate that after few years of successful experiments of our young democracy, a man like Buhari has woken up and chosen to lead us back to the era of military junta of “decree and impunity.”

“This continuous attempt to blackmail Atiku by punishing everybody close to him is not good for our democracy. It is even worse when our supposed human rights defenders has suddenly gone to sleep or possibly lost their backing voices let alone teeth to bite.

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Relating the arrest of Mr Abdulahi Babalele to the endlessly ignored call to prove Alh Ahmed Tinubu over the Bullion Van arrogance during the last election, and correlating it with the claim of corruption fight that has continued to rent our ears under Buhari, Kalu wonders why Tinubu who was pictured with evidence of daylight money laundry is working free while another from the other side of the fence is held indefinitely on trumped up charges that are not yet proven.

‘When did Buhari and EFCC become the court of last judgment by being the judge and the jury in matters concerning opposition? A lot of issues have been raised concerning the ruthless corrupt practices going on unabated under the very watch of Buhari which he has overlooked and still handed juicy positions to these proven culprits. Where are we really heading as a nation under Buhari?” he queried.

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Speaking on the later release of El-ZakZaky, Dr. Kalu said that one issue he has with the present administration is that it has the peculiarity of replacing one problem with another and stubbornly too, as if all Nigerians are cowards.

“Releasing El-ZakZaky and his wife, then replacing them with Sowore and Babalele is like selling a dog to buy a monkey.

“The call for disintegration of Nigeria has continued to gain tempo with ACF, Oodua, Northern Coalition etc now lending their voices to this dangerous call, but instead of paying attention to such worrisome developments, Buhari prefers to busy himself with hunting opposition. How did we get to this crossroad?

“I will continue to call on well-meaning Nigerians and the few that still find their voices to continue to prevail on this administration to consider the peace and unity of this nation in their dealing, rather than only their parochial interest. Nigeria is bigger than all of us.” He said.

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