Many a times I have been wondering the type of brain washing that was administered on certain people that they completely lost on their identity.

I have also wondered how people could not pinpoint who they are but will clearly tell whosoever cares to listen that they are not Igbo.

In the actual sense of it the population of Igbos is even larger than thousands of countries in the world therefore they are not even looking for population number to makeup.

The Ikwere is a community of people that does not have language of their own apart from the borrowed Igbo language, they do not have names of their own apart from the names the borrowed from Igbo names, they also do not have their own culture apart from the culture borrowed from Igbo land. They also do not have another ancestral home in their own land apart from the Igbo land they occupied presently .

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In all these, Ikwere person will be bold to tell you that he/she is not Igbo .
I agree with that but what tribe is Ikwere because even the name “IKWERE” is an Igbo language.

Before the country called Nigeria there have been Igbo whose land includes that which the present Ikwere people settles and that lead me to be so inquisitive about where these people Ikwere came from and what was their name, language and culture that is not the Igbos they are having today.

I need to be educated on who this Ikwere are as a tribe and the language of their tribe.

By: Udumeze Ukwu, a political analyst and public commentator.

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