Biafra Will Pipe Oil To All Sub-Sahara Africa For Free – Nnamdi Kanu

OHAFIA-TV News | Biafra Will Pipe Oil To All Sub-Sahara Africa For Free - Nnamdi Kanu

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has vowed that the group will defend all territories of the South-East and other states where Igbo people reside in Nigeria at all cost.

He disclosed this during his live broadcast monitored by OHAFIA-TV News on Monday night.

According to Kanu, the Nigerian government is not only pampering Fulani terrorists who are on a rampage, killing innocent people but also aiding and abetting them with its silence on their criminality.

He, however, asserted that the IPOB, through its Eastern Security Network, will not succumb to the threat of the Nigerian government and the Fulani killers.

“We will drive the Fulani killers away from Biafraland. What’s happening in Yorubaland cannot happen in Biafraland. Anywhere we confront Fulani terrorists, we shall fight them head-on. We know they are in the police and army,” Kanu said.

“General T. Y. Danjuma himself testified before the British Parliament that the army of Nigeria and police are colluding in the conquest of the indigenous populations in Nigeria. And, we are not an exception in the terrible and sinister conspiracy.

“The police in our land are terrorists in uniform. The army we have in Biafraland are basically terrorists. They are there to support the Fulani Janjaweed government, but we will resist them.”

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Speaking about the expansion of the ESN, Kanu boastfully said the security outfit was now present in Benue and Cross River States.

He faulted the Nigerian government for carving Igbo people into some states outside the South-East, adding that the ESN would be available to protect Igbo residents geographically settled in other states.

“A few days ago, I said we embedded the Northern Command of Biafra. Benue is the Northern Biafraland. If you don’t want us to be in Benue, go to Abuja and appeal to them to carve back Igbo people in Benue to Ebonyi, where they should belong or Enugu State as the case may be. We are in Benue State and we are in Cross River State.

“One thing about Nigeria is that they tend to defend the aggressors. It is in the DNA of Nigeria to always support evil. The land of Biafra must be defended at all cost. It is the land of God.”

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He also vowed in the over one hour video that when Biafra is restored, Northern Christians like Kukah will be absorbed to live free in Biafra where they can practice their religion without molestations.

Kanu also boasted that Biafra will give free oil to the whole Sub-Sahara African to help their economies grow so that they can patronize Biafra, noting that Biafra Economy was not going to be one that will run on oil like Nigeria.

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