TRIBUNAL: BMO/APC Finger-Pointing gambit is aimed at Bamboozling the Judiciary – Kalu

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Press Statement – 10/9/2019

For a while now, the Buhari Media Organisation (BMO), and All Progressive Congress (APC) have started their usual distraction tactics, especially when sensitive issues are placed before Nigerians, they try to ridicule our sensitivity, they raise one topic to divert the attention of Nigerians aways from their schemings and craftiness. But this time it will not work as many Nigerians have continued to demand that justice must be done eminently without delay to save Nigeria from falling into anarchy.

Following the concluded case of the Presidential Candidate of PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar challenging the INEC declaration of the APC Candidate, President Mohammadu Buhari, as the winner  of the 23rd Presidential Election amidst clamour from both local and international observers as riddled with irregularities, rigging, intimidation and systematic manipulation of the outcome in favour of an unpopular candidate, Buhari, and considering the rules stipulated in the Electoral acts of Nigeria, observing that every Tribunal  must must conclude her case within 180 days which elapsed this week, 13th September, 2019.

Chief Dr. Emeka C. Kalu, the Director Generall of Atikulated Agenda Worldwide and Global Initiative for Good Governance (GGIG) has reacted from his USA base through a Press Statement signed by his Aide on Meida and Publicity, Comr. Amos Kalu, pointing out possible cause of the silence being witnessed as regards the tribunal judgement. 

In his words: “Considering the fact that the date for the pronouncement of the judgement is yet to be made public, it is clear that our Judiciary is under pressure by the power grabbers not to fix a date to that effect. This action is dead on arrival because no singular individual is bigger than Nigeria. 

“When APC and Buhari-Led administration want to confuse Nigerians, they bring up a mere accusation to prejudice judgement and this time they are using BMO to attack and accuse everybody of attacking the judiciary. All these attempt is aimed at bamboozling the reputable institution of justice into tilting to their dictates and this action is unacceptable” He said.

 Dr. Kalu therefore urged the Judiciary to stay focused and insist on doing the right thing, not allowing any distraction or attempt by BMO to plant confusion as Nigerians are looking up to them as the last hope of the common man. 

“This is not a time that we would allow ourselves to be distracted by the antics of APC/BMO because Nigerians are waiting for the date set aside for pronouncement of the final judgement over the matter. Anything short of that is a sign that APC has skeleton in their cupboard”. 

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