Bridget Vs Imaga: Land Dispute Finally Resolved Peacefully

OHAFIA-TV News | Bridget Vs Imaga: Land Dispute Finally Resolved Peacefully

The land dispute reported by OHAFIA-TV last year, which almost scandalized the name of a reputable and foremost Ohafia Politician cum President General of Elu Ohafia Development Union, Hon. Chief Kingsley Imaga, has finally been resolved after the land agent, Nnanna Imaga made a full refund of the transaction amount on 24th January 2021.

Through our thorough investigation during the impasse, we unraveled that it was a clear issue of misunderstanding among the two families of Imaga and Bridget who happened to be their long family friend until the issue reared its ugly head in 2020. What aggravated the matter is that Mrs. Bridget herself lives in faraway Europe, and third parties cashed in on the case to build tools with intent to smear the person of Chief Kingsley.

The story had it that Mrs. Bridget bought land from Nnanna Imaga who is a certified land agent and younger brother to Chief Kingsley Imaga. As a trusted family friend, Mrs. Bridget wanted to ascertain the genuineness of the land as she needed his (Chief Kingsley’s) words on it. Accordingly, he inquired of his brother who confirmed the land was genuine and he replied to Bridget’s message that the land was genuine, she sent the money and the land was purchased.

For some reasons of reports that the owners of the land had encroached on it, Mrs. Bridget requested for refund of the whole amount for the purchase of the land, fencing, and other expenses which as at that time stood at about N1,150,000.
Nnanna solicited for time to resell the land and refund but Mrs. Bridget wanted the cash instantly, that was where the bubble burst.

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Somehow, Ohafians woke up to a very scandalous message and evidence of chat of Mrs. Bridget and Chief Imaga alleging that the popular politician duped her of N1,150,000 even as he was not directly involved in the deal.

Long story short, after our investigation and interaction with all the parties involved, Nnanna was able to refund half a million Naira towards clearing and refunding the land amount even when the land was not yet resold.

The bottom line is that on Tuesday, 26th January, we got a call appreciating our role in resolving the impasse and a confirmation message that the cash balance of the money was fully refunded directly to Mrs. Bridget who has confirmed the same. This, therefore, has brought a final peaceful resolution to the dispute.

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We say to God be all the glory.

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