Buhari is a criminal: Protesters chant to display anger (Video)

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The anger is building as people has continued to express their displeasure over the insincerity of the present government of President Mohammedu Buhari.

The latest Dapchi girls saga has continued to hunt the administration who seems to be deceiving Nigerians as the drama was badly managed.

According to evidence available to Nigerians and undeniably so, has raised some pertinent questions. why will a government that is supposed to protect turn around to devour the people?

Evidence, The Military setup was ordered to withdraw before the unprotected girls were rounded up and taken away without any form of resistance.

As if that is not enough, the girls were returned without a single challenge of the abductors who majestically drove into town unmolested which has raised the question of “Who actually kidnapped Dapchi girls?”

Arising from this badly written script, the people has taken to the street to register their displeasure, calling Buhari a criminal and chanting songs of anger.

Its is still not clear as to why APC had chosen to kidnap some girls. Was it to score cheap political goal?

Was it to prove a point by reenacting the Chibok Girls action to curry sympathy of Nigerians.

Whatever the purpose were, Dapchi girls political gymnastics has turned against the actors in favour of opponents.

Bellow is a picture of Nigerians call on Buhari to forget 2019 and go back to Daura.

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