Buhari’s Ministers diverting palliative money, hunger may lead to revolts – Ohanaeze Warns

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council (OYC), the Apex Igbo Youth body have lent their voice to what they term as worrisome situation prevalent in Nigeria as a result of the way the issue of lockdown have been managed and the zero accountability of usage of the donations made towards palliative to cushion the effect of the total lockdown on citizens.

In a statement sent to OTVNews, and signed by her National President and Secretary, the body frowned at the decision of the federal government to bring Chinese Doctors to Nigeria, and warns that it will escalate the cases of Coronavirus in Nigeria, describing such venture as greek gift that Nigeeia should run away from.

They said that government should pay greater attention to the lockdown facing Nigerians without adequate provisions for palliative, arguing that such condition of hunger can lead to revolt of great proportion.

The Press Release read in details:

....invitation of Chinese Doctors will escalate index Cases.

. Prays for Abba kyari and others.

(1) Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide had alerted Nigerians to persuade Federal Government not to escalate the situation over the coronavirus pandemic with the acceptance of the Greek gift, by inviting Chinese Doctors to assist in Containing the spread of Covid 19, OYC Condemned vehemently the invitation of these ” insincere” Chinese Doctors but insists that if we are in dire need for foreign Medical Doctors, the destination should be India or Cuba, OYC urge Presidency to Contact Indian or Cuban doctors through her Foreign Missions in both Countries,as Chinese Doctors are not Sincere in Medical Profession,as they may escalate the index cases to benefit from the situation.

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(2) OYC dispute the figures and claims of Ministers Farouk and Lia Mohammed,that over 100Bn Naira had been disbursed as a Ruse. Igbo Youths insists that 100Bn palliative Money had been diverted into personal pockets, there was systematic looting by avoiding a credible banking process of Using Banks to Reach out to Nigerians with BVN for the palliative care and stimulus Packages, but indulging in physical distribution and disbursement of the palliative Money put doubts on the minds of Nigerians,who questions the credibility of the claims of disbursement of 100Bn palliative Money to Nigerians.

For subverting a credible source of banking process, was the best way to cover the monumental looting and financial recklessness associated with the physical distribution and disbursement of palliative Money, We call for forensic investigation into the activities of Ministry of Humanitarian and Crisis Management, led by Sadiya Farouk.

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(3) There’s so Much Hunger and Frustration in the Country, caused by the lockdown as the preventative method to stop the spread of Covid 19, Nigerians are gradually getting frustrated daily, We call on President Muhammadu Buhari to extend the palliative Money to the South, as majority of poor Nigerians reside in the South, the approval of 150M dollars from Sovereignty Wealth Funds by Buhari should be Shared among the three tiers of Government to cushion effects of the Coronavirus pandemic,

OYC is praying for the quick recovery of all the index Cases in Nigeria, especially those that had recently tested Negative including Chief of Staff to Mr President,Abba kyari.

Mazi okechukwu isiguzoro

President General

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council

Mazi Okwu Nnabuike

Secretary General

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide

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